Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Forever Yours, A Diagnosis.

So last week, Alex Day from the internet made his way to Number 4 in the UK christmas charts with his song Forever Yours. A catchy pop song that is unlike pretty much everything else in the top 5 aside from perhaps Coldplay, in a sense that its not a cover song, a parody or a campaign. Its simply a guy who happens to have an internet following releasing a song and getting high enough in the charts solely on the back of this. Its a historical feat in the charts, because it proves that with iTunes and Amazon you can effectively "chart-jack" (to paraphrase a previous attempt at the UK charts) and get your song on the radio out seemingly nowhere.

And to everyone who doesn't regularly go on the internet, it did come out of nowhere. I can picture the bosses at Radio 1 trying to figure out who this guy is who has shot into the charts before christmas and why have we never heard of him before!

What caught my eye more than anything was the press, in every form. Almost every interview with Alex or someone who was writing up on it had literally no clue how to go about reporting this, because they don't know how the internet works. They littered their articles with random "facts" which differed in every one. From Alex being the number 1 subscribed youtube account, or that he is 18, or that he is sponsored by a hair company. Sometimes just forgetting the awesome fact that every penny goes to World Vision, a charity that Alex is an avid supporter of.

In fact the most concise account of Alex's rise to mainstream fame was from a small Channel 4 blog post from the "young writers" section. Proving that younger journalists and bloggers have more input to these stories.

Basically it proved how completely out of touch mainstream media is. The fact that they avoid doing basic background research on their pieces because they literally can't be bothered, all the way down to just not being able to understand the partnership program with Google. Mainstream media has literally no idea what to do with this story. For me it just reinforced how to get the best, most thorough news stories, you simply can't rely on mainstream media.

Saying that, false accounts or not, they certainly helped Alex get the word out about his single, but the legwork and getting him into the charts came from his fans. Alex just has these people to thank for getting him where he is in the UK Singles Chart right now. Everyone else comes second to them.

Meanwhile, all last week I was selling a Forever Yours poster on my store, raising money to go towards WorldVision too. Altogether we sold 42 posters raising £210 for charity! So thank you to everyone who bought a poster, and if it isn't with you already, it will be soon :)


Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Commission.

Thought I would quickly share this. It's a commission that I made for a friend of mine for Christmas. She liked it, which is good :)

Merry Christmas!


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Project: Nerdfighteria Shirt.

Last year I made this. A charity Nerdfighteria shirt sold on TeeFury on the 11th of October. It was my second shirt on the site, and it was probably the most exciting day I have had on the internet! Together we raised over two and a half thousand dollars for Cancer Research and Partners in Health. They both say thanks :)

Problem was, after the entire day was over and the excitement subsided, I forgot to get myself one.

Afterwards I started to get hundreds of pictures of people wearing my shirt, and other people mentioning to me places they have seen it being worn, and I was a little jealous I didn't get my own one. Time for a sadface... :( there he is.

Loads of donated pictures, featuring John Green in the middle there.

So now I am asking politely if anyone is willing to donate their shirt to me so I can wear it proudly at VidCon 2012. I'm sure someone somewhere has one they don't wear anymore, or perhaps you bought two just in case? If you know anyone who might have one they are willing to donate that would be fantastic.

I don't just expect you to send me your shirt for free though. As an incentive I am willing to trade any poster(s) on my store, or even ones I haven't had printed before. Check out my Tumblr for a list of all the posters I have previously made.

If you are willing to help me out, just send me a message through this contact form on my website.

DFTBA world! I hope this works!


EDIT: Project closed shop after one day. Amazing. Thanks to everyone who was willing to donate! And to David Raygoza for his donation.

Forever Yours!

Today is what Alex Day is referring to as "Forever Day". It's the day when you can start downloading his Christmas No. 1 contender, and to be honest, its an absolute corker! A happy fun filled positive song and a great little video to go with it. Go and see! If you like it and would prefer to see how one guy in his house can make it to Number 1 against the X Factor, get it downloaded! Also all the profits are going to Charity. Specifically WorldVision.

So it seems to have become my custom to do a poster design for something like this, and Forever Yours is no different. I designed a little comic book cover to match the characters from the video:

You can purchase this poster design from now up until Boxing Day from my Poster Shop. All the proceeds from this sale will go to the same charity. So get the song, get the poster, and excitingly await to see what will happen this Sunday!

In a roundabout way, this is my contribution to The Project For Awesome. As I don't regularly upload video's or video blog in any way, this seems like an appropriate way for me to join in on the P4A festivities. If you are unsure of what the P4A is, go and take a look at YouTube's homepage :)

Even though this was a quick design, I would love to know what you think about it. Constructive criticism is always welcome :)

Also here is some bonus sketches of Charlie and Alex I did.

I may now have the first early night I have had in a while :)


Friday, 16 December 2011

Been a while, hasn't it!

As you may or may not know, I have been without an internet connection for a month and a bit. Not cool, especially for the online entrepreneur I am. Sort of.

So here is my list of 10 things I did over my duration away from the world...

1) Paul Turner's Album Artwork for FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

When I met Paul, aka, songsfrompaul last year at the Edinburgh nerdfigther gathering, I promised him I would do him some album artwork one day. So we finally both created something magical. I joined him at his album launch party on 11/11/11 in Glasgow to give him all the printed works, and some posters too. Met loads of new people and some old friends too. You can listen to Paul's album for free HERE, but I heartily recommend buying it. Support the indie artist and that!

2) Commissions

I have done a few commissions for people. Some are christmas presents so I can't show them yet. But one of them I made for my good friend Martyn. He simply asked for a "Landshark". Mint. I also picked up a completely whizzer badass frame for it from a local junk shop. Suits it.

3) Black Friday.

Black bloody Friday. I had my first ever sale on my posters, and also put some of my older Lost, Portal and Portal 2 posters on sale too. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of support from the online community promoting my one-day-sale. I hope everyone went away from that day a couple of posters happier :)

4) Iron Giant Poster

The other day I watched The Iron Giant again. And it seems to be my custom now that if I like something, I will make it a poster. The Iron Giant is one of my all time favourite films, and it was a great little poster to work on. I tried to keep it in the same style of that retro-50's look, with the stars and the block colours. If you want you can purchase this poster from my store.

5) Art Cards for Christmas!

Just for my Doctor Who posters, I made a lovely little set of Art Cards you can purchase as Christmas Presents. They come with custom wrapping paper and a little place to write your recipients name. If you live within the UK you might still be able to get these in time for Christmas, you can buy them here.

6) The Grow Your Own Poster Kit.

This has been something I have been wanting to make for a long time. At the moment you can request one in a 72dpi beta for testing out, trailing, and then feeding back to me what you think. Take a look, and request one from my contact form. I've also been tweeting about it with the #growyourownposterkit if you want to help spread some poster creation love!

7) Doctor Who Posters

I realise that the last poster I blogged about was The Girl Who Waited poster. I have since completed series 6! Woo! Go take a look at them all on a page I posted about them all, or take a look at them all together too :)

8) My own Domain!

This happened probably around 10 minutes ago. I finally got round to purchasing! For the moment it redirects to my shop, but I am looking into getting myself a website early next year. Can't wait for that, been something I have longed for since I first started pawning my doodles off as sellable items.

9) I was on a DVD!

Okay so not me as in "look at Jonny right there in the background!" "where??" "if you pause it right... THERE!" "I don't see it" sort of thing, but some of my graphic design got onto The Script, Road To Aviva DVD. You can see some of it on its trailer, and buy the DVD from places too. The film was made by Paul Banks at Digifish. I will be doing some other work with them next year. The beginning of a wonderful friendship.

10) Effects Work

I made Ollie's head explode in this film. Go watch it, tell your friends. It has a guys head exploding. Schoolboy effects work and literally dripping with Video Copilot splats, but works quite well.

Oh and I got Minecraft too. Little late to this party, but the disco lights keep-a-flashin'!

Ive also got a couple of other projects finishing soon too. So I will hastily blog about them now :)

'Till next time!


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Without Internet

Currently sat at work, stealing some internet to get my posters orders up to date. So thought I would do a small blog post while I was here.

I have been sans internet for about a week now. On one hand it has been quite liberating, having time when I get home to read, catch up on films and just generally not have the constant distraction of the internet. Especially with having a tumblr now, The constant barrage of information can sometimes leave me with hours sat at my desk with little to no work done.

On the other hand. Its not great feeling cut off from the world.

I love being in constant touch with not only my friends and family, but also replying to peoples emails, and talking to people who, for whatever reason, like my work. When I have the internet there all the time its great feeling that close to everything and the world. And that is probably the thing I miss the most.

But at least I got my VidCon tickets before the internet conked out on me. WOO! VIDCON!

In other "me and my work" news, Paul Turner, also known to many as SongsFromPaul, has released a small video EP of some of his songs from his latest album. Complete with some album artwork my me! its almost complete too! The one you see in the video is partially complete. I will post it up as soon as possible :)

Tonight when I get home is me working almost distraction free on the last couple Doctor Who posters. And if I get time, some other commissions I can't wait to show everyone.

Monday, 10 October 2011


I get called "stupid" quite a lot.

I'm pretty sure this isn't anything against me personally, but nevertheless, I seem to be getting it a lot more these days.

Last week I went down to London for the weekend to go to StickAID; a charity event hosted by Myles Dyer and a whole cast of other YouTubers to raise money for Unicef. Now, being from the North, it would be conventionally a bit silly to travel on a whim a few hundred miles to give out some posters and meet some people I had only ever spoken to via Skype before. Nevertheless, I went anyway.

The summer before this one, me and a friend travelled up to Edinburgh to meet John Green. Even though I wasn't even guaranteed I would even meet him. Even so we hopped in the car and went to Scotland for the day.

And even last year I hopped on a plane and went to Vancouver to participate in a week long summer intensive at the film school. I didn't end up going for the full semester, but I went anyway.

I offer to do do artwork for people for next to nothing in return, just for the fun, dedicate a hefty percentage of my week making Doctor Who posters, and I love giving away freebies to pretty much anyone who asks nicely.

And I love it.

Not a lot of people would understand really why I would just hop on a train for the weekend and spend time with people I had never met before. I could have sat and watched StickAID from the comfort of my desk right here and sent some posters to give away. But thats the thing, I would just be sat here, in the same desk week in week out. The nature of my work is that I spend a lot of time sat in front of this computer screen. So naturally I would feel the need to get out a bit.

But every time I have gone somewhere spur of the moment or totally different, it has always lead to something unexpectedly awesome.

At StickAID I met Liam Dryden for the second time, and handed over 4 poster that he auctioned off there and then for his section of the show. I also met up with someone I went to uni with and enjoyed the Sunday London sun on the riverbank and had a nice catch up.

In Edinburgh I did meet John, but I also met a whole slew of other Nerdfighters, including Paul Turner, who I am doing album artwork for right now, which should be finished soon.

And in Vancouver I experienced a whole new city. Learned SO much from the tutors there and gave me a lot more focus on what I wanted to do with my work. And made some excellent contacts there which I wouldn't otherwise have gained. I also picked up my first copy of Scott Pilgrim while I was there too. Which turned out to be brilliant.

Whether its things like this, or gestures of goodwill or freebies or whatever, I just love networking with people. And (as long as I can afford it), I will keep on just doing these apparently "stupid" spur of the moment things. Because they will always lead to something awesome.

As Steve Jobs said in his 2005 Stanford Speech: "You can only connect the dots looking back"


Thursday, 6 October 2011


I was going to do a blog post today about all my news and stuff that I have been up to recently. But I thought it would have to wait for a little while. Instead I thought I would share my email that I sent to


A few summers ago. I drove me and a group of my friends to a remote barn in the middle of the english countryside. Most of the people I knew, but a couple I had yet to meet. Jo was one of them. She was a little shy, not really knowing many people there, so I went over and started up a conversation. We both had a first generation iPhone in our hands, so naturally, our talk started there. We where inseparable the entire trip.

I had gained a friend through mutual love of apple products. Even though our iPhones where outdated by then. We kept in touch after that, talking after every product announcement and showed off every apple product we bought after that.

We both got an iPhone 4 on its release date. For us both it was our first 3G phone and we both fell in love with it. We used FaceTime for the first time that morning, marvelling in our piece of futuristic technology while other people scoffed at it, while being simultaneously very interested.

One day we went out Geocaching in our local town. Something we would have never been able to do easily without our iPhones. It rained for the majority of the day but we still had one of the best times ever. So much so when we got home and dried off we wrote an email to Steve, telling him how much of a fantastic time we had using his products. We never got a reply. But we where happy in the fact that our email was in his inbox at some point, and he might have even given it a read.

Now I am an employee at the Apple Store, and it has honestly been the best job of my life. I have met some fantastic people working there, and I can't stress enough how much that place has changed my life. Apple's soul really is its people, and I am proud to say I am employed by them.

Jo is now my best friend. And from that chance conversation about our love of Apple she has grown to be an indispensable friend. As soon as the news broke earlier today we texted each other from our iPhones. Baffled and emotional that the device we are sharing this moment on was created by a person now gone. A man that we admired the most.

The news last night has got me to get up and finally get started on my animation showreel for Pixar, another company headed by Steve. I'm shooting for that dream and never giving up now. And I have Steve Jobs to thank for helping me every step of the way. From the devices I do my work on, to the lessons learned from the Credo that rests over every Apple employees heart.

Rest in peace Steve. You will be missed.


Sent, as ever, from my iMac.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Night Terrors, The Girl Who Waited, and unrelated update on me!

More posters! Would you look at that, there seems to be one every week...

Night Terrors

The Girl Who Waited

These two posters are the most recent ones. To get a description and explanation of the two you can find that on my DeviantART or on my Tumblr :)

Recently I made myself a list of design work I needed to get done, and every day I have been slowly whittling away at that list and actually finishing them, rather than having a few things on the go at once, where I get distracted. I often make lists like this when I need to do things, it helps me focus my energy on what is needed, and makes it important in my head because it is written there in a thick sharpie. Lists govern my life at the moment, and I like making schedules for myself.

After I finished Uni I found myself pretty much abandoned by the place. A sort of "here is your degree, now get out" sort of scenario. I'm sure thats not what they meant, but it felt that way. So after a week of sitting watching films and not seeing any sun I loaded myself up with projects to do. I woke up early and stayed up late to pump out as much work as I could, from the Doctor Who posters you have seen previously, to other posters that I'm not allowed to show you yet, to starting more animation work.

This year is my year off. After being in education since I was 4 years old I thought I would give myself just this year to try out new things, network as much as I could and dedicate my time to things I love doing. The start of that was a bit of a sham I'll admit, but project independence is a big change. And I look forward to what I make in the next year.

So, who wants to make something?


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Red State and Lets Kill Hitler

Tonight I watched Red State by Kevin Smith.

First of all I will admit that I torrented it. I sometimes do this with films I am desperate to see, and I have been following the production of this film for quite a while, as I am a massive Kevin Smith fan. After seeing it tonight I am more than happy to go and see it a few more times in the cinema and pay for it legally when it arrives in the UK, as I cannot recommend this film enough. This, I believe, is the positive side of torrent sites. It is, and has always been, that people will pay for quality every time. I often torrent films that I already have, just so I can watch them on my phone or have them readily available on my computer. Sometimes I will torrent films I missed out on seeing in the cinema, and if I like it, I will go out and buy it. Simple enough.

Red State is a film which explores the extremist christian groups in america, and some of the disturbing lengths they will go to to uphold the word of God. It feels like someones debut film. I felt excited for the process of film making watching it and made me want to go out and make my own films again. It is a far cry from Smith's previous outings such as Cop Out, a film I had to turn off as I couldn't stand the trashy dialogue in it. It feels like Smith has given himself a wake up call and gone back to what made him such an excellent film maker in the first place.

It also has probably the most convincing group of antagonists ever played. When I looked into the mothers face all I saw was pure hate, and it gave me chills! I have never felt that much towards characters onscreen in a long time. Every decision made by the guys in the film are things I could follow, and I felt every second of it.

Watch this film any way you can, then buy it, because Smith deserves my money for this one.

Second of all, I uploaded my latest Doctor Who poster after this Saturdays episode; "Night Terrors", you can see it below.

As always, you can purchase this individually from my shop, or pre-order the entire collection now and save on postage for all 14 poster designs :)


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Still Got Legs

A quick poster design I have been working on for a few days on and off...

For anyone unfamiliar with Chameleon Circuit, they are a band who create songs around Doctor Who. Their latest album; Still Got Legs is available here if you are interested :)

Been fun working on this. I had a load of screen printed textures made that I wanted to scan in from my days at college. Proved to come in handy! I also got hold of some nice recycled paper for the background texture. For a while I relied on found textures from just google images, but after making quite a few posters with similar textures, and wanting them to be printed on increasing sizes of paper, I went ahead and made my own ones. I would recommend gathering your own materials for a design whenever possible.

I was looking around for some new inspiration for this poster design. So I looked towards some more modern influences such as the "Almost There" section of Princess and the Frog, and also towards older poster designers such as Aaron Douglas and other simplistic art deco graphic designers. Its a style I really loved using. Also I seemed to have referenced Douglas in other pieces of work without even knowing it. I have now become a big fan.

You can check this out and "like" it on Tumblr and DeviantART :)

Doctor Who starts again this weekend! So look out for a new poster design for Lets Kill Hitler the week after that :)


Monday, 22 August 2011

I Love Richard

This evening the wonderful Ollie Bostock uploaded the final cut of his latest film; I Love Richard. As the synopsis says:

Richard Madeley, the face of primetime television, is about to meet his biggest fan...

It has been Ollie's on and off project for a while. Plus there is a lovely picture he uploaded too showing the final DVD cases for I Love Richard and This Is Ze Suicide. I really enjoyed branding this film over the last few years, developing it and making it feel just right. Will have to take a trip down to York to pick up my copy for the shelf.


EDIT: Ollie made the video private, so you may have to wait a little while to watch it. Or email him asking to take a peek.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Brain Crack and Richard

To the non regular readers of this blog, simply stating "I LOVE RICHARD" over the past few blog posts might seem like I am just a little too into a certain gent. I LOVE RICHARD is a film created by Ollie Bostock which has been in production for a very long time. It has been described by Ollie as being his "project in-between projects" and a lot of love has gone into it. Plus we have also probably got the largest collection of printed pictures of the infamous Richard Madeley.

Ollie popped up to Newcastle this week to finish the last couple of shots ready for his final editing session on it. I put the finishing touches to the DVD cover which is getting printed this week, and gave him the opening titles (above) all ready to burn his DVD's tonight.

We also did some test footage for Johnny Burdock, our story-less film about a 50s detective. Thats pretty much all we had. So we did some effects tests with some footage from town and a shitload of Video Copilot stuff to pad it out. Looks pretty cool so far. Now we know that we can make such effects, we can just steam on with getting the film written, without the fear of technological disadvantage. We want this to be technologically ambitious, while being our most coherent story to date. I'm really looking forward to it.

Last night I got a rather heavy dose of brain crack thanks in part to this website. I then went on a very big design splurge and I have nearly finished my latest poster design which I am keeping a little secret for now. But I am so glad that I have the design of it down, feels like a weight has lifted a little. I almost wanted to stay up all night to complete it and just sack off going to work at all. But bills need paying. One day I will set my own sleep pattern.

It's been a productive week so far I think. Can't wait to see what next week has in store.


Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Good Man Goes To War Poster

Last night I burnt through and got the majority of this poster made, accidentally staying up until 4am, and I had to pick my Mum up from the station early(ish) in the morning. Then after a fun packed day of pub lunch's, art galleries and changing her impressions of the Tyneside coast, we headed back to mine for a cup of tea and a film. We watched Rango.

After that I sat down and finished this poster. Finally getting myself all caught up just in time for Let's Kill Hitler next week.

After steering away from the core 3 characters throughout the poster series so far, I thought, as it was the last episode, to go all out and invite them all in for vector-ising. Threw myself in at the deep end with Illustrator know-how and time, but I think it was worth it in the end.

Looking at my store it seems to be 90% Doctor Who posters, with no sign of changing in the near future. I think I may have to start making other ones to make up for the serious amount of over-Who. Harry Potter perhaps? Or even Torchwood, so as to not stray too far away from the convention. I have some other non-pop culture ideas too that may materialise. Only time will tell.

Feels very good to get caught up. I think I'll tidy my desk.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New Poster! And finally might I add!

Right. Blogging. I can do this still.

Hey again!

First of all, I finally got around to making the 6th poster in the Doctor Who series! check this out!

Its purple.

It has taken far too long to get this out, and I really apologise it has been this long. I've probably explained why it has been so long too many times now that you are sick of hearing. But it had to be done. I'm back on track, and well into getting A Good Man Goes To War done too. Its a corker.

After checking the rest of my previous posts out too, I saw I hadn't posted The Rebel Flesh poster either! How bizarre...

Again, as its a two parter, they look lovely together. You can purchase them from my store as usual.

Other things: I have been working with Ollie of Ollie Bostock to get a few films made/finished, so we can have a clean slate and get on making something brand new:

I Love Richard

This is a film that has been in and out of production for a while. The first generation of this was shown at a small film festival in York. Since then the script and concept has been re-written and the direction has drastically changed, but the concept remained the same: A man who is obsessed with the face of primetime television, Richard Madely. I helped film some cracking scenes and it may be some of my best (and only) camera work so far. Ill provide the link once its online. The poster design has changed a few times over the few years it has been in the making, but this version sums up the film very nicely.

This Is Ze Suicide

The story of Stevie Ze Suicide. A man who was once part of a band called the UK Subs. Now, later in life, he is still playing gigs and following his passion. This documentary shows how Stevie lives his life, preparing for one of his most anticipated gigs. I collaborated with Ollie on the cover design and branding for this film. I decided to give it that washed out look and bled in some pink to match his hair. The result was something that was almost nostalgically retro, quite fitting for the films subject matter. Check out the trailer HERE.

Really excited to get started on some new film/animation work. There are a few ideas up in the air at the moment. As usual I am daunted by the creative freedom of it all. By next year I want another film made. No question.

Big post. Had a lot to talk about I guess! More frequent smaller blog posts might work in my favour in future.


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Finishing University, Late Posters and Competitions

Firstly, I have finished university. Me and Dale presented our film to our course yesterday after being awake for 2 days solid both shaking from caffeine and nervous about the screening. Having spent the last few months locked away we where excited to see what everyone else had come up with.

After watching a lot of varied and quality work, ours was one of the last films to be shown. It clocked in at just over 13 minutes, and we really enjoyed showing everyone what we had created over the last year.

I really feel that our film was the best it possibly could be, and the shots look as cinematic as we could conceive. Both me and Dale are happy with the end result. And I can't thank him enough for his hard work and dedication to our little project :)

Second of all, due to my last week in University, I am running a little late on getting the Rebel Flesh Doctor Who poster up and online. I will try and get it up as soon as possible now I have at least a little free time. Same goes with those of you who have ordered posters lately and not received them yet. Hang tight, they are on their way :)

Finally, Its mid week again, so I thought it would be time for another Doctor Who competition! This week you can win an entire series set of posters! :D Details on how to enter are on the competitions page on my store.

I really can't wait to be able to show everyone the film. And hope you all like it as much as we did making it.


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Competition Time!

Okay, it's mid-week, downtime for Doctor Who fans. A bit of time to recap and maybe re-watch the previous weeks episode. Or perhaps just get on with other things you might have going for you. Either way, around about Thursday you start pining for the next episode. I know I do.

So, to fill in the gap between episodes, I am running a small competition!

When I got the first batch of Impossible Astronaut posters made, I picked them up from the printers and I wasn't quite happy with the paper they where printed on. It was a little too thick for posters, but I kept them anyway, in the hope they may come in handy sometime :D

So now, you can win one of 5 sold out Impossible Astronaut posters! Printed on slightly thicker paper that you may or may not prefer :D

Just visit the COMPETITIONS page on my store for details on ways to enter this weeks competition and when the winners will be announced. Basically it's just comment on this blog post asking politely, so you can cut out the middle man and just do that if you like :P

Looking forward to showing you this weeks poster for The Rebel Flesh! And good luck if you enter the competition.

In other University and film making news. Me and Dale have got just one week left of being students, and more importantly to get our film finished. What we have so far looks badass if I do say so myself. Pretty proud of it. I would show you a screenshot but Dale has all the renders. Aw shame.


Monday, 23 May 2011

Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife Poster

This is my latest, albeit a little late, poster for Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife.

The design went through quite a few changes. For the longest time it was a design based around The Doctor and The Tardis/Sexy with a wedding arch over the top of them. The arch was going to look like 9/10's Tardis interior. In the end the poster ended up looking too sparse, as they had the blank space between them. The one thing that stuck througout this week was the silhouette of 11 and Sexy on the hillside looking over the wasteland. I really liked this image and it was the main thing that stuck in my head.

You can get this poster, and all the other previous posters on my BigCartel store :D

And as is becoming customary with my poster design blog posts, here are some quick sketches of the "Making Of" of this weeks :) I was getting a little worried that the overall composition of some of the posters where lacking a bit, so I blocked out the design of them all in advance with a sharpie. The result kind of works I think.

Also, I have changed the "Rules" of my store. When I first opened by BigCartel store, I only had room for 5 products. So I formulated a 2 week rotation of each design so I could sell them all one at a time. In the past few weeks I have upgraded my store so I can have multiple products. So until they sell out, you can get all of my posters!

Hope you like it! :D


Monday, 16 May 2011

Doctor Who: The Curse Of The Black Spot Poster

This is the third poster for the latest series of Doctor Who. This episode is Curse Of The Black Spot. The first poster that had to stand alone by itself :) The hair was the main thing I had to try and get right in this poster. It took a lot of go's to try and get it how I wanted. I think the end result turned out great, and I learned a lot more about Illustrator along the way. Think I am starting to understand everyones obsession with it now :)

You can get this and the other posters from this series on my BigCartel Shop! It's only going to be up for two weeks in a limited run of 40 prints.

As with the last poster, I thought I would share some drawings on how the poster came together. The focus being mainly on Lily Cole's hair. Enjoy!


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Doctor Who: Day Of The Moon Poster

The second in a two part poster for the series opener of Doctor Who: Day of the Moon is now up!

You can purchase this poster, and last weeks Impossible Astronaut poster from my BigCartel store. This will only be available for 2 weeks starting now. So get it while you can! Because the series opener was a double episode, I made these two fit together quite nicely, also keeping it Red, White and Blue in keeping with the topic of the Doctor being in America. I think they match quite nicely :)

So as a thanks to everyone who has bought the posters so far, I thought I would share a couple of drawings from the designs so far. I do a lot of thumbnail sketches to come up with an overall feel for the posters before I go ahead and make anything in Illustrator. These first few would set the aesthetic off for the whole series, so I had to get these ones right really.

Already got a lot of inspiration from tonights episode, so expect to see the poster for The Curse Of The Black Spot as soon as next weeks episode is over. Gives you something else to do when the theme tune to "So you think you can dance" comes on.

Also, I originally stated on the Impossible Astronaut poster that the posters where going to be printed on 250gsm matte paper, which is what I believed that my last batch of posters where printed on. Turns out it was actually 170gsm silk. I tried out some 250gsm matte ones and they creased in the poster tubes and generally looked a bit naff. These new ones look pretty darn awesome, and feel a lot nicer on the silk paper :D

You can still pre-order the entire set of 13 posters to save a bit of money on them all and to save on postage. They come in 4 rolls and include another "special edition" style poster which I have yet to decide on :D Check them out HERE.


Monday, 2 May 2011

Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut Poster

This is the first of a new poster run to celebrate the new series of Doctor Who. Each poster will be available for two weeks on my all new BigCartel store, then they will be gone forever! This one was a little bit late, so this one will be available for three weeks.

The next poster will be for the Day of the Moon, and will go up on Saturday night! :D I'm excited.

After next week I will be running some competitions to win some Doctor Who stuff too. So keep an eye out on my Twitter for those too!

I have had some encouraging messages on DeviantArt and Twitter already, and I can't wait to see what you all make of these poster designs.


Saturday, 30 April 2011

Jonny Eveson Posters Store!

In the past I have had quite a few places where you could buy my stuff. At the moment you can visit my RedBubble site and grab a few shirts and stickers. But I have never had a web store to call my own. Now, I have a new web store hosted by BigCartel where you can buy the surplus stock of both my Doctor and Amy Pond posters from Series 5! They are in limited supply, so get them while you can! :D

Coinciding with this, Doctor Who has started again! And I am starting a new poster series. For each episode I will be creating a custom poster design. Apart from the first one, which is going up tomorrow, you will be able to purchase the previous weeks episodes poster. They are only available for two week and then they are gone! AND they are only £5!

I am a little late on the first one. But I should be on top form by next week :D

Here is the link, and be sure to check it every week after Doctor Who aires (UK time, so watch out for possible spoilers if you are visiting from the USA and other countries)

Thanks! And I hope you like the brand new Doctor Who poster series! I'm very excited by it all.


Sunday, 17 April 2011

"SSSSS" on TeeFury Today!

Today my good friend and work colleague Dale Wilson has his first (of hopefully many) T shirts on TeeFury! Its a brilliant Obey/Minecraft mashup. Simple, but striking and effective. I like it.

You can buy it all day on TeeFury for today only!

Dale is also very kindly running a MINT poster and sticker competition. Give him a follow on his twitter @daledrwilson and tweet at him during the time his shirt is online, and you can win one of 10 Posters and Sticker packs! We went to go pick them up from the printers earlier in the week and they look amazing! Well worth the few seconds it takes to give him a tweet.

Also to coincide with his Creeper shirt, he has a range of Posters and Stickers for sale on his The posters are either a bold red textured mandela design, or a limited edition run of 40 black and white posters. Both look sharp.

Also today we have been putting together sticker packs! These are the icing on todays already extensive cuboid cake. For £5 you can get a pack of 9 custom stickers, all individually die cut in premium vinyl, featuring a huge 6'' one! I got my complimentary pack the other day from Dale, and they are comparable to Shepherd Faireys sticker packs in quality and amount.

Today is an exiting day! And I can't wait to see the final result of how Dale did. I wish him the best of luck with it!

The shirt comes at a time when me and Dale have a LOT of university work to finish. The film is coming along together very well. We rendered out and comped together our first shots of the film. And its safe to say we are both very happy with the results so far. Its going to be a good day when we render out the final shots.

Back to the grind after todays excitement. It's always a fun day keeping up with a TeeFury design. As a TeeFury artist, you get a graph showing how well your design is doing, so you can see if your advertising during the day is paying off. As a huge fan of stats anyway, this gets me more excited about the whole process. Will probably update you on how well it did.

I'd give Dale a follow on his twitter anyway, he does come out with some occasional pearls of wisdom every now and then. Or you can go check out his Wordpress blog to see some of his previous designs and the other stuff he gets up to.


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Free Textures!

Today me and Dale went out with the beautiful 5D Mk2 to take some pictures of some local Obey Artwork, this small expedition soon spiralled into collecting some nice high res textures. Which we thought we would just let you all have :)

Click HERE to download them! :D

There are 10 free textures in this pack:
01 Cracked, 02 Plastered Wall, 03 Peeled and Sprayed, 04 Distressed Bricks ,05 Vertical Grain, 06 Speckled Wall, 07 Rusty Yellow, 08 The Green Line, 09 The Skip Is Blue, 10 Horizontal Strokes

The city is a hive of texture if you know what you are looking for. The majority of the ones in the collection where taken around the back streets of Heaton. There are plenty of walls and worn out wood and garage doors that make up a lot of them. Was a lot of fun running around and going snap happy. There are a other ones that we want to go out and get some other day.

This is more than likely going to be the first of many packages we are making, but at the moment we have a film to finish. What brilliant procrastinators we are :)


Doctor Who Updates and Stuff

First of all, you can now get my Doctor Who "The Eleventh Doctor" as seen on TeeFury all those months ago. I finally got around to uploading it to Redbubble, the awesome website that it is. Get it while you can! I can almost sense the BBC on my tail... Just visit my Redbubble Store to get yourself one! I am in the process of uploading a few shirts at the moment, so keep an eye on the store!

Buy t-shirts

Also availible as a sticker :)

You can still get my Doctor Who A2 poster designs by donating £10 to the poster fund! Just include your name and address and I will send you out a free poster for your contribution to the cause. Just click the donate button link thing below.

Also, what prompted this whole escapade: On my way back from a long morning at university, I was walking back to my house when I stumbled across this fine gent! This is my first encounter of my shirt in the wild, and I was so excited I had to have a picture...

This might have made my day, if not week.

Also, Uni work seems to be going ahead okay. We have just over a month to complete our film. So not too long before I can start showing you some more stuff! In the meantime, Here is John, and both me and Dale are very happy with him.