Thursday, 11 December 2008

Killer Flies

Also, in my absence i have forgot to upload our latest Grindhouse film; being Killer Flies From Mexico.
Just another short Grindhouse trailer, i think we wanted a giant monster film. Let us know what you think!

Orange and Blue

Hi again!
Been a while since i made a blog post, so i thought i would add another just before Christmas.
This week i was suckered into buying the Dark Knight like every other person in the world. While Arron Eckheart was busy burning his face i was looking at the packaging, and i was shocked to find that TDK has fallen back on the easiest action film colour scheme, the infamous Orange and Blue combo.
Action films do this a lot, if the designer hasn't got enough to go with for the DVD cover/poster art, the easiest thing to do is have the title character(s) striking an epic pose with a gradient of Blue and Orange in the background.
In my infinite wisdom, i have compiled the top 10 main offenders of the Blue and Orange rule:

10) Hot Fuzz
Obviously Parodying the whole action film genre, and sums it up fantastically with the cover art.

9) The Dark Knight
Gandering at this earlier on, mostly blue, hint of orange, look out for the orange being a flame of sorts in other posters.

8) Serenity
Blue sky, Orange explosion. Textbook work.

7) The Bourne Ultimatum
A classic example of the epic pose. "Like i give a shit i just exploded a car muthafucka" says Jason Bourne, until he realises he is Matt Damon. oh dear...

6) Transformers
Michael Bay has a nasty habit of this orange and blue melarkey. Watch The Island for proof, there is no other colour in that film. Shame the DVD cover for that is just orange. boo. Transformers will have to do for now.

5) Dragonball (2009)
Pulling out no stops is the already failed film Dragonball, i mean what other colour can sum this film up?

4) Stormbreaker (or Alex Rider in Operation Stormbreaker if you are unlucky enough to be American)
I never knew they made orange and blue shit.

3) The Bourne Identity
Kicking off the Bourne series in a pretty mediocre design way. Our mate Jason seems to be lightly jogging away from the people who want to kill him, he is THAT chilled out.

2) Jumper
THE most pointless film of 2008, there was really no reason for this film to be made apart from to give Hayden Christiansansan something to do now George Lucas has raped him for all he is worth. But its okay, he can teleport.

1) Shooter
Spoiler Alert: This film is crap.
From the exact same action film mould as Bourne, apart from its got ex 90's rapper "Marky" Mark Whalberg dicking about with a gun, i dont know, perhaps he shoots things. god only knows. 

So if you are making an action film, and you really dont know how to sum it up because your title character is just...well....dull, as long as you colour him in orange and blue, you will have no problem :)

if you have any more, please let me know, i might ammend the list.