Sunday, 19 December 2010

Uni Film Concept Art and Other Stuff :)


Today I get to reveal some concept art for my 3rd year uni film! Me and my co-pilot Dale Wilson have been busy finishing the story for our 10ish minute film of epic proportions, and we can't wait to get production underway! We both think we have a brilliant little film in the making, and we are really excited to hear what everyone makes of it!

We are also collecting all our artwork for an "art of" book to be released at the same time, detailing all the processes that go into making a short animated film. We are hoping to get a trailer out by January.

Also in other news, you may have noticed that on my Etsy store there is now a lack of Doctor Who posters. Due to reasons I can't really disclose Etsy had to take them down. The good news is that you can donate £12 to the Ameba Graphics Poster Fund to cover the excess printing costs and get a poster sent out to you for free :)

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

TeeFury Shirt Submission!

Recently I have been submitting a few designs to TeeFury again! So I thought I would share one. This one basically is a vectorised version of a poster design I made a few months ago, and it only just occurred to me to submit it as a shirt!

The other design I made is another Oddworld related one. If TeeFury doesn't get back to me with an answer then I will post it here :)

If you are a member of the TeeFury community, then let me know what you think of this design in the comments on their website!