Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Doctor Who A2 Posters!

First of all, I now have a limited supply of Doctor Who A2 Posters, now available from Etsy! go HERE to go and get yourself one! At the moment I only have The Doctor as a print, but if it proves popular then I will get an Amy Pond one made up too. They are printed on 150gsm Gloss paper and are delieverd to you, as all my posters are, in solid cardboard tubes, To make sure you recieve it in the best possible quality.

Second, the Winners of my Twitter Competition! Who receive each an A2 Doctor Who poster, and an A3 Amy Pond Poster are

Congratulations guys! Hope you like them!

I had some fantastic quotes tweeted at me over the last 24 hours, here are just a few that are pretty cool:

"Actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, [time is] more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey... stuff."
- @ de4d5y

"Donna: You are completely impossible! The Doctor: Not impossible... just a bit unlikely"
- @katiedoyle

"That's a fairytale." "Aren't we all?"
- @SnapPop

Really was overwhelmed by the response I got for this competition. Will probably be doing more of these in future! So stay following me on my Twitter @ameba2k and see if you win something next time!

Also, Im about to start a new series of Poster Designs! Will be posting the first one later this month, and from that you will probably understand what series I am going for. But feel free to guess in the comments :) Or even suggest a series I should have a crack at next!

Lots and lots done, and loads more planned for the rest of the year :D


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Some Who Shirts!

First of all, thanks again to everyone who bought my Doctor Who TeeFury Shirt, And sorry to people who missed it. Unfortunately I don't have the means to make the shirt myself, but If i ever get round to screen printing my own I will let you all know.

I have been asking people who have bought the shirt on my Twitter to send me some pics of them wearing it! Not only to see my shirt, but also to prove to myself that the whole day actually happened, and people actually liked the design. Here are a few! If you want to send me some more, feel free to email me at ameba-graphics@hotmail.com and send me your best picture. Here are just a few:

I loved the whole experience, and amazingly my followers on Twitter has stayed around 500! It really is amazing to think that people will stick around even after the Doctor Who shirts.

Remember, you can still buy A3 Posters of The Doctor, Amy Pond and other designs from the store!