Monday, 23 May 2011

Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife Poster

This is my latest, albeit a little late, poster for Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife.

The design went through quite a few changes. For the longest time it was a design based around The Doctor and The Tardis/Sexy with a wedding arch over the top of them. The arch was going to look like 9/10's Tardis interior. In the end the poster ended up looking too sparse, as they had the blank space between them. The one thing that stuck througout this week was the silhouette of 11 and Sexy on the hillside looking over the wasteland. I really liked this image and it was the main thing that stuck in my head.

You can get this poster, and all the other previous posters on my BigCartel store :D

And as is becoming customary with my poster design blog posts, here are some quick sketches of the "Making Of" of this weeks :) I was getting a little worried that the overall composition of some of the posters where lacking a bit, so I blocked out the design of them all in advance with a sharpie. The result kind of works I think.

Also, I have changed the "Rules" of my store. When I first opened by BigCartel store, I only had room for 5 products. So I formulated a 2 week rotation of each design so I could sell them all one at a time. In the past few weeks I have upgraded my store so I can have multiple products. So until they sell out, you can get all of my posters!

Hope you like it! :D


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Anonymous said...

Didn't like the upper half. Is that supposed to be Idris? Why is she wearing a hat? Why doesn't she have a mouth. This is the worst so far from the collection.