Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Without Internet

Currently sat at work, stealing some internet to get my posters orders up to date. So thought I would do a small blog post while I was here.

I have been sans internet for about a week now. On one hand it has been quite liberating, having time when I get home to read, catch up on films and just generally not have the constant distraction of the internet. Especially with having a tumblr now, The constant barrage of information can sometimes leave me with hours sat at my desk with little to no work done.

On the other hand. Its not great feeling cut off from the world.

I love being in constant touch with not only my friends and family, but also replying to peoples emails, and talking to people who, for whatever reason, like my work. When I have the internet there all the time its great feeling that close to everything and the world. And that is probably the thing I miss the most.

But at least I got my VidCon tickets before the internet conked out on me. WOO! VIDCON!

In other "me and my work" news, Paul Turner, also known to many as SongsFromPaul, has released a small video EP of some of his songs from his latest album. Complete with some album artwork my me! its almost complete too! The one you see in the video is partially complete. I will post it up as soon as possible :)

Tonight when I get home is me working almost distraction free on the last couple Doctor Who posters. And if I get time, some other commissions I can't wait to show everyone.

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