Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New Poster! And finally might I add!

Right. Blogging. I can do this still.

Hey again!

First of all, I finally got around to making the 6th poster in the Doctor Who series! check this out!

Its purple.

It has taken far too long to get this out, and I really apologise it has been this long. I've probably explained why it has been so long too many times now that you are sick of hearing. But it had to be done. I'm back on track, and well into getting A Good Man Goes To War done too. Its a corker.

After checking the rest of my previous posts out too, I saw I hadn't posted The Rebel Flesh poster either! How bizarre...

Again, as its a two parter, they look lovely together. You can purchase them from my store as usual.

Other things: I have been working with Ollie of Ollie Bostock to get a few films made/finished, so we can have a clean slate and get on making something brand new:

I Love Richard

This is a film that has been in and out of production for a while. The first generation of this was shown at a small film festival in York. Since then the script and concept has been re-written and the direction has drastically changed, but the concept remained the same: A man who is obsessed with the face of primetime television, Richard Madely. I helped film some cracking scenes and it may be some of my best (and only) camera work so far. Ill provide the link once its online. The poster design has changed a few times over the few years it has been in the making, but this version sums up the film very nicely.

This Is Ze Suicide

The story of Stevie Ze Suicide. A man who was once part of a band called the UK Subs. Now, later in life, he is still playing gigs and following his passion. This documentary shows how Stevie lives his life, preparing for one of his most anticipated gigs. I collaborated with Ollie on the cover design and branding for this film. I decided to give it that washed out look and bled in some pink to match his hair. The result was something that was almost nostalgically retro, quite fitting for the films subject matter. Check out the trailer HERE.

Really excited to get started on some new film/animation work. There are a few ideas up in the air at the moment. As usual I am daunted by the creative freedom of it all. By next year I want another film made. No question.

Big post. Had a lot to talk about I guess! More frequent smaller blog posts might work in my favour in future.


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