Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Competition Time!

Okay, it's mid-week, downtime for Doctor Who fans. A bit of time to recap and maybe re-watch the previous weeks episode. Or perhaps just get on with other things you might have going for you. Either way, around about Thursday you start pining for the next episode. I know I do.

So, to fill in the gap between episodes, I am running a small competition!

When I got the first batch of Impossible Astronaut posters made, I picked them up from the printers and I wasn't quite happy with the paper they where printed on. It was a little too thick for posters, but I kept them anyway, in the hope they may come in handy sometime :D

So now, you can win one of 5 sold out Impossible Astronaut posters! Printed on slightly thicker paper that you may or may not prefer :D

Just visit the COMPETITIONS page on my store for details on ways to enter this weeks competition and when the winners will be announced. Basically it's just comment on this blog post asking politely, so you can cut out the middle man and just do that if you like :P

Looking forward to showing you this weeks poster for The Rebel Flesh! And good luck if you enter the competition.

In other University and film making news. Me and Dale have got just one week left of being students, and more importantly to get our film finished. What we have so far looks badass if I do say so myself. Pretty proud of it. I would show you a screenshot but Dale has all the renders. Aw shame.



jared thompson said...


As it would really help me to cheer up my sister! :)

Aaron Vincent said...

Awesome competition! I would love me some Impossible Astronaut poster.

#freepsterformeplease #prettyprettyplease :)

Andy said...


LOVE the designs, but unfortunately I'm an unemployed student so cant afford to buy them :(

David said...

I absolutely love your designs! I have a Spanish class where every Monday the student come back from the weekend and discuss Doctor Who (in Spanish of course) and I would love to have a poster to hang up in the classroom! :D

Katie said...

I'm gonna go ahead and post both places. =)
I would LOVE to win a poster! Your work is so beautiful and it just SCREAMS Doctor Who--without actually having to scream it. If that makes any sense.

Kevin said...

I'd love one of these. I bought one of your doctor who ones a while back. Love your work