Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Still Got Legs

A quick poster design I have been working on for a few days on and off...

For anyone unfamiliar with Chameleon Circuit, they are a band who create songs around Doctor Who. Their latest album; Still Got Legs is available here if you are interested :)

Been fun working on this. I had a load of screen printed textures made that I wanted to scan in from my days at college. Proved to come in handy! I also got hold of some nice recycled paper for the background texture. For a while I relied on found textures from just google images, but after making quite a few posters with similar textures, and wanting them to be printed on increasing sizes of paper, I went ahead and made my own ones. I would recommend gathering your own materials for a design whenever possible.

I was looking around for some new inspiration for this poster design. So I looked towards some more modern influences such as the "Almost There" section of Princess and the Frog, and also towards older poster designers such as Aaron Douglas and other simplistic art deco graphic designers. Its a style I really loved using. Also I seemed to have referenced Douglas in other pieces of work without even knowing it. I have now become a big fan.

You can check this out and "like" it on Tumblr and DeviantART :)

Doctor Who starts again this weekend! So look out for a new poster design for Lets Kill Hitler the week after that :)


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