Sunday, 15 August 2010

Meeting John Green and the Nerdfighter Gathering!

Have just got back from a day trip to Edinburgh to meet John Green and other Nerdfighers.

For those who don't know, John Green is a writer of such teen fiction titles as Looking For Alaska and Paper Towns, he is also primarily known among us all as one half of the Vlog Brothers! Where he exchanged videos every day with his brother Hank Green.

Me and Franki both donned our new Ambea Graphics shirts and headed for Waverly station. After waiting for a while we met up with Nyla and other YouTuber's outside the Millies Cookies stand and waited for John's Train to arrive.

Upon his arrival he was greeted by about 10 of us, exchanged greetings and headed over to the park, where to my amazement, there where about 60 other Nerdfighters all waiting for us!

Then John said a little speech, and we all said good morning to his brother Hank for his Vlog on Monday. Afterwards me and Franki gave out 100 posters to everyone while John signed some books. People also where getting my posters signed too. A surreal experience for me, having someone want someone else to sign something that I have made. Here is the poster I made for the event:

We hung out under the tree overlooking the sea next to a giant Parthenon structure, the weather was beautiful, sung songs and got to know each other. Lots of group photos too. John gathered everyone together to hold up my posters too so I could get a picture. This to me was amazing, seeing everyone with my work. I loved it.

John then had to leave to go to the event, we unfortunately didn't have tickets so we had to leave. Not before I got one last picture with him. He said he made special exceptions for graphic designers. Mint.

All in all, Nyla did a fantastic job putting the gathering together in such a short space of time, if given a few more weeks I recon we could have had double what we had today. But it was a good number of people. Was great to finally meet John after following the Vlog Brothers for so long. Need to meet Hank next please.


Saturday, 14 August 2010

TeeFury Debrief


Yesterday has to be one of the most hectic and exciting days ever. Not only did I move into my new house in Newcastle, but also my Tshirt on TeeFury sold 2239 times! Was a fantastic print run, and also it got Pancakes! Pancakes meaning its a "hot seller" or something. Still, look how cute he is!

I fully expect everyone who bought a tee to send me a picture of them wearing it to just so it proves you actually did buy them and its not my imagination.

Also I was running two competitions to win 4 of my posters yesterday! Was going to give away 2 but the response was so huge that I decided to give out a few more :) Two on the TeeFury comments, and the other was two on my Twitter by tweeting a hashtag at me. The Winners of them where:

Jadellyn and wbuthod from TeeFury
@englamericann and @UlyssesOnion

Congratulations to them! Posters will be printed off and sent off as soon as possible.

Some stats from yesterday:
781 Comments on the site
241 Competition entrants
peaked at 180 tees in an hour

Can't wait to see people actually wearing one of my designs.

Thanks go to Jimiyo for curating my tee and helping me get the design print ready and for all his encouragement, Franki for helping me pick the winners, my new followers on Twitter and the TeeFury community for all their comments


Friday, 13 August 2010

Doctor Who on TeeFury!

Good Morning!

Woke up this morning with two hundred new followers on Twitter and several new followers to this blog! Hello to everyone new!

So, My T Shirt design is on TeeFury NOW! :D

I have to say Jimiyo has done a fantastic conversion job on this one. The colours are very dynamic and really stand out. If you are a Doctor Who fan and love that Tomorrowland Optimism, then you will love todays T-shirt!

Not only that, But there is a competition to win one of 3 Doctor Who Posters! One in the TeeFury comments, and Two on Twitter!

For the one on TeeFury, simply leave comment on the poster, and on Twitter simply tweet @ameba2k #canihavethatdoctorwhoposterplease or Retweet some of my competition updates throughout the day with that particular hashtag! Good Luck!

Having a brilliant day already! Look forward to reading everyones comments about it! :D


Oddworld Poster Series

Hello World! Quick post.

Ive just finished my last in a series of Oddworld inspired Poster Designs! These are something I have been working on quite a bit in my spare time. They started life as Art Deco posters, but quickly evolved into something askew from the style, especially with the Strangers Wrath one.

You can check out all of these and other poster designs, as usual, on my Poster Design Blog!