Sunday, 18 December 2011

Project: Nerdfighteria Shirt.

Last year I made this. A charity Nerdfighteria shirt sold on TeeFury on the 11th of October. It was my second shirt on the site, and it was probably the most exciting day I have had on the internet! Together we raised over two and a half thousand dollars for Cancer Research and Partners in Health. They both say thanks :)

Problem was, after the entire day was over and the excitement subsided, I forgot to get myself one.

Afterwards I started to get hundreds of pictures of people wearing my shirt, and other people mentioning to me places they have seen it being worn, and I was a little jealous I didn't get my own one. Time for a sadface... :( there he is.

Loads of donated pictures, featuring John Green in the middle there.

So now I am asking politely if anyone is willing to donate their shirt to me so I can wear it proudly at VidCon 2012. I'm sure someone somewhere has one they don't wear anymore, or perhaps you bought two just in case? If you know anyone who might have one they are willing to donate that would be fantastic.

I don't just expect you to send me your shirt for free though. As an incentive I am willing to trade any poster(s) on my store, or even ones I haven't had printed before. Check out my Tumblr for a list of all the posters I have previously made.

If you are willing to help me out, just send me a message through this contact form on my website.

DFTBA world! I hope this works!


EDIT: Project closed shop after one day. Amazing. Thanks to everyone who was willing to donate! And to David Raygoza for his donation.

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Malia Malo said...

I found this shirt in the teefury gallery, and I LOVE it!! Seriously, would you maybe consider reprinting it, through or or even I know a lot of people who would order one too, and you could also snag yourself one! :)