Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Good Man Goes To War Poster

Last night I burnt through and got the majority of this poster made, accidentally staying up until 4am, and I had to pick my Mum up from the station early(ish) in the morning. Then after a fun packed day of pub lunch's, art galleries and changing her impressions of the Tyneside coast, we headed back to mine for a cup of tea and a film. We watched Rango.

After that I sat down and finished this poster. Finally getting myself all caught up just in time for Let's Kill Hitler next week.

After steering away from the core 3 characters throughout the poster series so far, I thought, as it was the last episode, to go all out and invite them all in for vector-ising. Threw myself in at the deep end with Illustrator know-how and time, but I think it was worth it in the end.

Looking at my store it seems to be 90% Doctor Who posters, with no sign of changing in the near future. I think I may have to start making other ones to make up for the serious amount of over-Who. Harry Potter perhaps? Or even Torchwood, so as to not stray too far away from the convention. I have some other non-pop culture ideas too that may materialise. Only time will tell.

Feels very good to get caught up. I think I'll tidy my desk.


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