Sunday, 17 April 2011

"SSSSS" on TeeFury Today!

Today my good friend and work colleague Dale Wilson has his first (of hopefully many) T shirts on TeeFury! Its a brilliant Obey/Minecraft mashup. Simple, but striking and effective. I like it.

You can buy it all day on TeeFury for today only!

Dale is also very kindly running a MINT poster and sticker competition. Give him a follow on his twitter @daledrwilson and tweet at him during the time his shirt is online, and you can win one of 10 Posters and Sticker packs! We went to go pick them up from the printers earlier in the week and they look amazing! Well worth the few seconds it takes to give him a tweet.

Also to coincide with his Creeper shirt, he has a range of Posters and Stickers for sale on his The posters are either a bold red textured mandela design, or a limited edition run of 40 black and white posters. Both look sharp.

Also today we have been putting together sticker packs! These are the icing on todays already extensive cuboid cake. For £5 you can get a pack of 9 custom stickers, all individually die cut in premium vinyl, featuring a huge 6'' one! I got my complimentary pack the other day from Dale, and they are comparable to Shepherd Faireys sticker packs in quality and amount.

Today is an exiting day! And I can't wait to see the final result of how Dale did. I wish him the best of luck with it!

The shirt comes at a time when me and Dale have a LOT of university work to finish. The film is coming along together very well. We rendered out and comped together our first shots of the film. And its safe to say we are both very happy with the results so far. Its going to be a good day when we render out the final shots.

Back to the grind after todays excitement. It's always a fun day keeping up with a TeeFury design. As a TeeFury artist, you get a graph showing how well your design is doing, so you can see if your advertising during the day is paying off. As a huge fan of stats anyway, this gets me more excited about the whole process. Will probably update you on how well it did.

I'd give Dale a follow on his twitter anyway, he does come out with some occasional pearls of wisdom every now and then. Or you can go check out his Wordpress blog to see some of his previous designs and the other stuff he gets up to.


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