Friday, 21 January 2011

TeeFury Shirt Submission!

Taking a break from film making and playing some Black Ops, me and Dale had a go at some TeeFury shirt designs. This is the best one we came up with. Its on the TeeFury forums if you want to leave some love for it :D A bit of fun, but we both hope it gets printed!

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It belongs to the internet now! Blog it and set it free! Just make sure you let TeeFury know how much you love it :D


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Recent News Roundup again!

Have been beavering away at our still untitled short half animated half live action short film with Dale. Release date is around April time, so we really have a lot to do.

Screenshots from the animatic.

We have been finishing the animatic this week. The animatic is basically a series of storyboards put to film to get the timing right. Its a really ambitious project and I really can't wait to get it all done so I can show it off. We will be having a screening in June at Northumbria University and other locations soon to be announced. Very excited, but also hoping we can pull it all off! I have the faith.

You can still get my Doctor Who A2 posters! Just donate over £10 (around $15) to our film fund, include your address, and you will be sent a poster as a means of saying thank you! Your continued support of our film is greatly appreciated all you Who fans :D

Also I might have done myself a self portrait in the midst of all the other storyboarding this week.

Hopefully have a trailer made soon for our film which will blow your effin' minds!