Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Red State and Lets Kill Hitler

Tonight I watched Red State by Kevin Smith.

First of all I will admit that I torrented it. I sometimes do this with films I am desperate to see, and I have been following the production of this film for quite a while, as I am a massive Kevin Smith fan. After seeing it tonight I am more than happy to go and see it a few more times in the cinema and pay for it legally when it arrives in the UK, as I cannot recommend this film enough. This, I believe, is the positive side of torrent sites. It is, and has always been, that people will pay for quality every time. I often torrent films that I already have, just so I can watch them on my phone or have them readily available on my computer. Sometimes I will torrent films I missed out on seeing in the cinema, and if I like it, I will go out and buy it. Simple enough.

Red State is a film which explores the extremist christian groups in america, and some of the disturbing lengths they will go to to uphold the word of God. It feels like someones debut film. I felt excited for the process of film making watching it and made me want to go out and make my own films again. It is a far cry from Smith's previous outings such as Cop Out, a film I had to turn off as I couldn't stand the trashy dialogue in it. It feels like Smith has given himself a wake up call and gone back to what made him such an excellent film maker in the first place.

It also has probably the most convincing group of antagonists ever played. When I looked into the mothers face all I saw was pure hate, and it gave me chills! I have never felt that much towards characters onscreen in a long time. Every decision made by the guys in the film are things I could follow, and I felt every second of it.

Watch this film any way you can, then buy it, because Smith deserves my money for this one.

Second of all, I uploaded my latest Doctor Who poster after this Saturdays episode; "Night Terrors", you can see it below.

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