Friday, 16 December 2011

Been a while, hasn't it!

As you may or may not know, I have been without an internet connection for a month and a bit. Not cool, especially for the online entrepreneur I am. Sort of.

So here is my list of 10 things I did over my duration away from the world...

1) Paul Turner's Album Artwork for FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

When I met Paul, aka, songsfrompaul last year at the Edinburgh nerdfigther gathering, I promised him I would do him some album artwork one day. So we finally both created something magical. I joined him at his album launch party on 11/11/11 in Glasgow to give him all the printed works, and some posters too. Met loads of new people and some old friends too. You can listen to Paul's album for free HERE, but I heartily recommend buying it. Support the indie artist and that!

2) Commissions

I have done a few commissions for people. Some are christmas presents so I can't show them yet. But one of them I made for my good friend Martyn. He simply asked for a "Landshark". Mint. I also picked up a completely whizzer badass frame for it from a local junk shop. Suits it.

3) Black Friday.

Black bloody Friday. I had my first ever sale on my posters, and also put some of my older Lost, Portal and Portal 2 posters on sale too. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of support from the online community promoting my one-day-sale. I hope everyone went away from that day a couple of posters happier :)

4) Iron Giant Poster

The other day I watched The Iron Giant again. And it seems to be my custom now that if I like something, I will make it a poster. The Iron Giant is one of my all time favourite films, and it was a great little poster to work on. I tried to keep it in the same style of that retro-50's look, with the stars and the block colours. If you want you can purchase this poster from my store.

5) Art Cards for Christmas!

Just for my Doctor Who posters, I made a lovely little set of Art Cards you can purchase as Christmas Presents. They come with custom wrapping paper and a little place to write your recipients name. If you live within the UK you might still be able to get these in time for Christmas, you can buy them here.

6) The Grow Your Own Poster Kit.

This has been something I have been wanting to make for a long time. At the moment you can request one in a 72dpi beta for testing out, trailing, and then feeding back to me what you think. Take a look, and request one from my contact form. I've also been tweeting about it with the #growyourownposterkit if you want to help spread some poster creation love!

7) Doctor Who Posters

I realise that the last poster I blogged about was The Girl Who Waited poster. I have since completed series 6! Woo! Go take a look at them all on a page I posted about them all, or take a look at them all together too :)

8) My own Domain!

This happened probably around 10 minutes ago. I finally got round to purchasing! For the moment it redirects to my shop, but I am looking into getting myself a website early next year. Can't wait for that, been something I have longed for since I first started pawning my doodles off as sellable items.

9) I was on a DVD!

Okay so not me as in "look at Jonny right there in the background!" "where??" "if you pause it right... THERE!" "I don't see it" sort of thing, but some of my graphic design got onto The Script, Road To Aviva DVD. You can see some of it on its trailer, and buy the DVD from places too. The film was made by Paul Banks at Digifish. I will be doing some other work with them next year. The beginning of a wonderful friendship.

10) Effects Work

I made Ollie's head explode in this film. Go watch it, tell your friends. It has a guys head exploding. Schoolboy effects work and literally dripping with Video Copilot splats, but works quite well.

Oh and I got Minecraft too. Little late to this party, but the disco lights keep-a-flashin'!

Ive also got a couple of other projects finishing soon too. So I will hastily blog about them now :)

'Till next time!


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