Saturday, 30 April 2011

Jonny Eveson Posters Store!

In the past I have had quite a few places where you could buy my stuff. At the moment you can visit my RedBubble site and grab a few shirts and stickers. But I have never had a web store to call my own. Now, I have a new web store hosted by BigCartel where you can buy the surplus stock of both my Doctor and Amy Pond posters from Series 5! They are in limited supply, so get them while you can! :D

Coinciding with this, Doctor Who has started again! And I am starting a new poster series. For each episode I will be creating a custom poster design. Apart from the first one, which is going up tomorrow, you will be able to purchase the previous weeks episodes poster. They are only available for two week and then they are gone! AND they are only £5!

I am a little late on the first one. But I should be on top form by next week :D

Here is the link, and be sure to check it every week after Doctor Who aires (UK time, so watch out for possible spoilers if you are visiting from the USA and other countries)

Thanks! And I hope you like the brand new Doctor Who poster series! I'm very excited by it all.


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