Thursday, 11 December 2008

Killer Flies

Also, in my absence i have forgot to upload our latest Grindhouse film; being Killer Flies From Mexico.
Just another short Grindhouse trailer, i think we wanted a giant monster film. Let us know what you think!

Orange and Blue

Hi again!
Been a while since i made a blog post, so i thought i would add another just before Christmas.
This week i was suckered into buying the Dark Knight like every other person in the world. While Arron Eckheart was busy burning his face i was looking at the packaging, and i was shocked to find that TDK has fallen back on the easiest action film colour scheme, the infamous Orange and Blue combo.
Action films do this a lot, if the designer hasn't got enough to go with for the DVD cover/poster art, the easiest thing to do is have the title character(s) striking an epic pose with a gradient of Blue and Orange in the background.
In my infinite wisdom, i have compiled the top 10 main offenders of the Blue and Orange rule:

10) Hot Fuzz
Obviously Parodying the whole action film genre, and sums it up fantastically with the cover art.

9) The Dark Knight
Gandering at this earlier on, mostly blue, hint of orange, look out for the orange being a flame of sorts in other posters.

8) Serenity
Blue sky, Orange explosion. Textbook work.

7) The Bourne Ultimatum
A classic example of the epic pose. "Like i give a shit i just exploded a car muthafucka" says Jason Bourne, until he realises he is Matt Damon. oh dear...

6) Transformers
Michael Bay has a nasty habit of this orange and blue melarkey. Watch The Island for proof, there is no other colour in that film. Shame the DVD cover for that is just orange. boo. Transformers will have to do for now.

5) Dragonball (2009)
Pulling out no stops is the already failed film Dragonball, i mean what other colour can sum this film up?

4) Stormbreaker (or Alex Rider in Operation Stormbreaker if you are unlucky enough to be American)
I never knew they made orange and blue shit.

3) The Bourne Identity
Kicking off the Bourne series in a pretty mediocre design way. Our mate Jason seems to be lightly jogging away from the people who want to kill him, he is THAT chilled out.

2) Jumper
THE most pointless film of 2008, there was really no reason for this film to be made apart from to give Hayden Christiansansan something to do now George Lucas has raped him for all he is worth. But its okay, he can teleport.

1) Shooter
Spoiler Alert: This film is crap.
From the exact same action film mould as Bourne, apart from its got ex 90's rapper "Marky" Mark Whalberg dicking about with a gun, i dont know, perhaps he shoots things. god only knows. 

So if you are making an action film, and you really dont know how to sum it up because your title character is just...well....dull, as long as you colour him in orange and blue, you will have no problem :)

if you have any more, please let me know, i might ammend the list.


Thursday, 3 July 2008


oh, and on a note of what i get up to at work, check out Moorlands Films new video.

feel free to be whole-heartedly cringed by the end of it, i still am.

Jonny x


Firstly, id like to point out that as a 9 to 5, i work as a printer in Pocklington, being the local trendy designer. When i joined up in February, i was full of ambition, i wanted to re-design the world! Was an oppertunity to change the locals mind about design!

Its that moment of realisation that local, low-paying customers, don't like new design, that it dampens your spirit as a designer. 

The thing is, that people are content with shit design! its that "it will do" mentality that is undermining local designers, and forcing them to forget what they knew in order to satisfy customers with Wordart, Comic Sans and bright coloured star-bursts.

Or a drop shadow, bevel and emboss. nice.

But among the sea of customers that cannot live without their Clipart or are satisfied with Times New Roman, there is always one that will turn around and look at what you have produced and say "yeah, i like that, lets go with that". and it gives you that little bit of hope.

I like to think that someday, people will have the balls to say to a few of these local designers that produce crap for extortionate amounts, that they don't like what they are producing, and expect something better for what they are paying. Customers need to challenge designers to do better, and I like to think I'm attempting to do that at my small print shop in Pocklington. 

Rant over, more design work up soon.

Jonny x

Monday, 23 June 2008

More film things...

Christ, Im on a blogging roll! Blog fever, i understand what Randall Munroe talks about in xkcd. it all makes sense!

or i could just be pretty bored at work, one or the other.

Either way, this is Death Chair...

Death Chair is everyone favourite B movie, blood, gore and all sorts, plus it was pretty fun to make. Check me out gagged and bound to the chair, if it gets you off please don't email me. I wont give you a job.

Ill also take this opportunity with showing you the finished Death Chair to show you our new myspace page

this is where all our new films will be once we have finished them, keep checking back there to see all the new films, and you can always see them on our youtube channal.

how very formal, again.

Jonny x

Something Epic

As I have been shouting about the place saying I am a fancy graphic designer, its only fair that i give my loyal(ish) fans something to pick up, take home, treasure and sleep with under their pillow....

This is Something Epic, every now and then you can pick it up, see what I'm up to, see what you can do to help out, or whether I've got a new myspace layout. It also has details on the panda i adopted last month...

... but yeah, you can pick it up at Travelling Man stores so far, ill keep you updated on other places you can find it. Forbidden Planet takes a while to get hold of. Bastards.

Just another page to take a look at, click for higher res image.


Sunday, 22 June 2008

80's Party Mayhem!!!

Been a while!

Have been a little busy, you know, being a celebrity graphic designer and all, autographs to sign, babys heads to kiss etc...

So i thought i share with you some posters i designed for my sisters 18th Birthday Party, everyone was allowed to take one or five home with them. but only about 5 did, so if you want one, come to Bradleys Coffee Shop and take one from them! 5 to choose from, like the toy in a McDonalds Happy Meal.

Next post ill give you Something Epic.


Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Short Film

Late isn't it.

Today was bank holiday, the weatherman said it was going to rain, but it was the hottest day of the year.
Most people would want to go to the beach, or blow up the paddling pool, but no, not i, i decided to make another short film, but this time for Virgin Media Shorts, a short film competition!

My Film is called "Look Up" and you can view it HERE. Please watch it! and register and comment on it :D

Seems to have the same tone as "Buzz" (See below)... dont know whether i should be worried... you decide.

Thanks to Toby Domoney and Kevin MacLeod for their music. Epic stuff!!

Jonny x

Monday, 5 May 2008

New Myspace


I got in the myspace mood tonight and re-kindled my knowledge of HTML and lit a fire under my old myspace. Sadly it burned, but from these pixel-like ashes came the brand new ameba graphics myspace page.
My old one was in desperate need of a spark of life, if you saw it before, this one ties in a lot more than my old one.

To continue this fire motif ive got going: go to it like a moth to the flame. cheers!

Also you can check out my personal myspace profile just to gander at the lovely layout and to listen to a lovely song by Maps.

Remember if you want one designing, send me a message through the new ameba graphics myspace, and get a free quote. Pluggg!!!!

Jonny x

Saturday, 26 April 2008

A Postcard From Ameba

Just got back from Freestyle LDN, showed some Moorlands Films, gave out some postcards, and made some friends. Or as it is officially known, "Networking". If you want to see some of the films we showed, check out the Moorlands Films Youtube Channel

The best thing for me was to see people actually standing around with some of my artwork in hand.  So if you find one, take it, keep it, love it.

Thanks to anyone who showed up to watch our films. Will see you next year, watch out for a zombie film and Death Chair and hopefully something else. Any constructive comments on films are welcome!

We are filming Death Chair tomorrow. A whole day of me tied to a chair getting basically raped. Rated U.

Jonny x

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Getting Ready For This

As you may or may not know,  Ameba Graphics (Me) are (is) attending some sort of event. Our (my) good friends (friend) Moorlands Films (Ollie) will be showcasing some films, and we (I) will be presenting the poster art, and handing out postcards.

U know i think i might just give the formalities a rest until i actually employ someone.

Either way, Its on Saturday at 6 at Millers Yard, Gilligate, York. I will be giving out them Postcards i said about, upcoming film posters and you can even have a business card. My treat. They should (clients permitting) fly off the shelf like hot cakes. So get them there! All 3 of you blog followers.

I would show a preview, but you might steal it and print it yourself. Meanies.

Jonny x

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Buzz Lightyear

My filmmaking friend left his flash new video camera at my house the other day. So i had a bit of a play.

You know when you have a new Lego set, and you HAD to open it in the car because you just HAD to play with it there and then, no matter if you lost bits and the end result was crap? Apply that to this film. just remember that filmmaking is not my forte. Hopefully, my doodling is.

And yes, that's me, my anonymity has gone, i have relinquished my mystery. Don't say i didn't warn you.


Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Look mum i made stuff!
These are quick text based posters, that you can buy for 5 quid each for A3 size, (bit more for bigger) from plus all that postage
Take a look, steal the idea, remake it in wordart and print it on your laserjet. show me the results.
If you want a poster selling here, send us your designs in! you decide the price and you get to keep 80% of the profit made. what you got to loose? they have got to look better than these right?

What, you think im making bad posters to inspire you? make you think you can do better? you sunk my battleship.


Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Bands! come and see some discounts!

New post!
Kick starting Ameba Graphics' graphic designing, we have a flyer! yey! a flyer!
to start off we are specialising in Band Graphics. we still do other graphics, but we like bands.
look at me using the royal "we".... does make it sound more professional though eh?
Unsigned bands get 20% off their first order placed. And with prices fairly low as i am re-modelling the myspace, graphics should be going like hot cakes.
Tell your friends, especially if they are in a band. They might just like you for doing so :)


Thursday, 27 March 2008

Introducing Effy

Second Post!

I would like to take this oppertunity to introduce a friend of mine. this is Effy...

Effy is not Tony's universe loathing sister, but a stuffed friend i made out of carpet samples that i got one Christmas. This mediocre gift now has a new lease of life as a crudely handstitched mutha.

Im spending tonight working on drawings for my first Ameba Poster. Tonight i have drawn lots of things, but i will share with you my WV camper.

Spot it on the finished article. If i have the poster done before hand i can advertise it in the comic! see, marketing. you cant teach this.

Oh....and Effy says Hi.


Tuesday, 25 March 2008

My First Blog

Alright Kids!

Being a natural latecomer i hopped onto the Blog-wagon a bit too late, everyone else has hundreds of posts backtracking them from bedroom loneliness to internet stardom. One day there will be a blog movie. Hayden Pennatiere will play "Lonlygirl" or whatever her name is.

Anyways, Ameba Graphics lives again! now with free time to conquer the globe and such i am embarking on millions of projects. miiiiiillllions!!!

Expect news on:
Ameba Comics
Ameba Posters
Ameba Fishcakes

okay not the 3rd, but who knows! Both are in the "pipeline" as the cool hip businesses say. alas, Ameba has not reached its potential Hipness yet.

expect freebies, webcomics, and my general thoughts. like you need to know.

Catch you later! like the fish catches the fisherman.

Jonny @ Ameba