Thursday, 3 July 2008


oh, and on a note of what i get up to at work, check out Moorlands Films new video.

feel free to be whole-heartedly cringed by the end of it, i still am.

Jonny x


Firstly, id like to point out that as a 9 to 5, i work as a printer in Pocklington, being the local trendy designer. When i joined up in February, i was full of ambition, i wanted to re-design the world! Was an oppertunity to change the locals mind about design!

Its that moment of realisation that local, low-paying customers, don't like new design, that it dampens your spirit as a designer. 

The thing is, that people are content with shit design! its that "it will do" mentality that is undermining local designers, and forcing them to forget what they knew in order to satisfy customers with Wordart, Comic Sans and bright coloured star-bursts.

Or a drop shadow, bevel and emboss. nice.

But among the sea of customers that cannot live without their Clipart or are satisfied with Times New Roman, there is always one that will turn around and look at what you have produced and say "yeah, i like that, lets go with that". and it gives you that little bit of hope.

I like to think that someday, people will have the balls to say to a few of these local designers that produce crap for extortionate amounts, that they don't like what they are producing, and expect something better for what they are paying. Customers need to challenge designers to do better, and I like to think I'm attempting to do that at my small print shop in Pocklington. 

Rant over, more design work up soon.

Jonny x