Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Competition Time!

Okay, it's mid-week, downtime for Doctor Who fans. A bit of time to recap and maybe re-watch the previous weeks episode. Or perhaps just get on with other things you might have going for you. Either way, around about Thursday you start pining for the next episode. I know I do.

So, to fill in the gap between episodes, I am running a small competition!

When I got the first batch of Impossible Astronaut posters made, I picked them up from the printers and I wasn't quite happy with the paper they where printed on. It was a little too thick for posters, but I kept them anyway, in the hope they may come in handy sometime :D

So now, you can win one of 5 sold out Impossible Astronaut posters! Printed on slightly thicker paper that you may or may not prefer :D

Just visit the COMPETITIONS page on my store for details on ways to enter this weeks competition and when the winners will be announced. Basically it's just comment on this blog post asking politely, so you can cut out the middle man and just do that if you like :P

Looking forward to showing you this weeks poster for The Rebel Flesh! And good luck if you enter the competition.

In other University and film making news. Me and Dale have got just one week left of being students, and more importantly to get our film finished. What we have so far looks badass if I do say so myself. Pretty proud of it. I would show you a screenshot but Dale has all the renders. Aw shame.


Monday, 23 May 2011

Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife Poster

This is my latest, albeit a little late, poster for Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife.

The design went through quite a few changes. For the longest time it was a design based around The Doctor and The Tardis/Sexy with a wedding arch over the top of them. The arch was going to look like 9/10's Tardis interior. In the end the poster ended up looking too sparse, as they had the blank space between them. The one thing that stuck througout this week was the silhouette of 11 and Sexy on the hillside looking over the wasteland. I really liked this image and it was the main thing that stuck in my head.

You can get this poster, and all the other previous posters on my BigCartel store :D

And as is becoming customary with my poster design blog posts, here are some quick sketches of the "Making Of" of this weeks :) I was getting a little worried that the overall composition of some of the posters where lacking a bit, so I blocked out the design of them all in advance with a sharpie. The result kind of works I think.

Also, I have changed the "Rules" of my store. When I first opened by BigCartel store, I only had room for 5 products. So I formulated a 2 week rotation of each design so I could sell them all one at a time. In the past few weeks I have upgraded my store so I can have multiple products. So until they sell out, you can get all of my posters!

Hope you like it! :D


Monday, 16 May 2011

Doctor Who: The Curse Of The Black Spot Poster

This is the third poster for the latest series of Doctor Who. This episode is Curse Of The Black Spot. The first poster that had to stand alone by itself :) The hair was the main thing I had to try and get right in this poster. It took a lot of go's to try and get it how I wanted. I think the end result turned out great, and I learned a lot more about Illustrator along the way. Think I am starting to understand everyones obsession with it now :)

You can get this and the other posters from this series on my BigCartel Shop! It's only going to be up for two weeks in a limited run of 40 prints.

As with the last poster, I thought I would share some drawings on how the poster came together. The focus being mainly on Lily Cole's hair. Enjoy!


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Doctor Who: Day Of The Moon Poster

The second in a two part poster for the series opener of Doctor Who: Day of the Moon is now up!

You can purchase this poster, and last weeks Impossible Astronaut poster from my BigCartel store. This will only be available for 2 weeks starting now. So get it while you can! Because the series opener was a double episode, I made these two fit together quite nicely, also keeping it Red, White and Blue in keeping with the topic of the Doctor being in America. I think they match quite nicely :)

So as a thanks to everyone who has bought the posters so far, I thought I would share a couple of drawings from the designs so far. I do a lot of thumbnail sketches to come up with an overall feel for the posters before I go ahead and make anything in Illustrator. These first few would set the aesthetic off for the whole series, so I had to get these ones right really.

Already got a lot of inspiration from tonights episode, so expect to see the poster for The Curse Of The Black Spot as soon as next weeks episode is over. Gives you something else to do when the theme tune to "So you think you can dance" comes on.

Also, I originally stated on the Impossible Astronaut poster that the posters where going to be printed on 250gsm matte paper, which is what I believed that my last batch of posters where printed on. Turns out it was actually 170gsm silk. I tried out some 250gsm matte ones and they creased in the poster tubes and generally looked a bit naff. These new ones look pretty darn awesome, and feel a lot nicer on the silk paper :D

You can still pre-order the entire set of 13 posters to save a bit of money on them all and to save on postage. They come in 4 rolls and include another "special edition" style poster which I have yet to decide on :D Check them out HERE.


Monday, 2 May 2011

Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut Poster

This is the first of a new poster run to celebrate the new series of Doctor Who. Each poster will be available for two weeks on my all new BigCartel store, then they will be gone forever! This one was a little bit late, so this one will be available for three weeks.

The next poster will be for the Day of the Moon, and will go up on Saturday night! :D I'm excited.

After next week I will be running some competitions to win some Doctor Who stuff too. So keep an eye out on my Twitter for those too!

I have had some encouraging messages on DeviantArt and Twitter already, and I can't wait to see what you all make of these poster designs.