Thursday, 4 March 2010

Uni Presentations

As I said before, lack of recent blog posts is due to University project mid term presentations. So I thought I would share what I am up to with these and the projects I am working on.

The first is Character Design. This involves creating a character, taking inspiration from my Berlin sketchbook, and fleshing it out in all directions and stretching the concept. Then finalising it so it can be translated into a few mediums. I keep track of this module in my sketchbook.

The second is Character Animation. This ties into the Character Design Module, we take the characters that we have and test out how they would move and animate. The outcome of this is to produce a Sting or Advert, showcasing the animation advertising a brand. I keep track of my ideas and tests on another smaller blog. Click HERE to see it.

The third is Interactive Animation. This one is probably the most experimental of all the modules. Here we have to create a music track based around an acronym of our choice from the word FEAR, and take samples from the Ian Brown song if we feel. Once we have created a track we then have to make some live visuals, or interactive visuals, that work off the midi outputs from the music. The software we use for that is called Touch Designer, and its a pretty awesome piece of technology. I keep track of this module and keep everything together on another blog, click HERE to see it.

Ill probably post a few tests that I like later on. Hopefully these will turn out great! I already have a few pieces on the blogs and on my YouTube for you to take a look at.

More Hewitt and Walker Stuff on the way! Should be getting the footage any day now to add the effects to and send off the rest of it. Also, Monday is Printing Day! where I will try out another prototype for the Hewitt and Walker DVD cover. Can't wait to start promoting this soon!

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