Wednesday, 17 March 2010

1 Day till DandAD!

With only one day to go till submission I am sailing through the project. Probably the quickest I have ever produced anything! I have got all day tomorrow to get everything animated. Im working in loads of different programs to create a mash up multimedia style look, hopefully it will work and not look too messy. The most I can probably expect as far as awards is to get is some "In Book" screenshots, but thats what I get for leaving it till the last minute!

So while some 3D is rendering, I thought I would share how some parts are getting on so far! Quite a bit of progression since I started last night. Im slowly filling up that 30 second timeline!

Spending the rest of tonight getting all the compositions ready and finished so I can put the animations and characters in tomorrow. Overall its coming together nicely for a 3 day animation! Although I am extremely rushed by it, I cant help but feel inspired, that if I can make an animation this fast under pressure, then why can't I usually?

This way of working might have better applications than I thought...

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