Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Even More Touch Designer Work

Been hard at work with Touch Designer for Uni work. Absolutely brilliant programme. If you are into interactive animation then I highly recommend it. the FTE version is free to download too! I just thought I would post some of my tests I have been working with. I've used Looshkin as a placeholder and to test out some different inputs. Hope Jamie Smart likes them!

This one is a clock I made! Based on the time controlled man I made earlier, I decided to make something that looks a bit more aesthetically pleasing, rather than a guy made of cubes.

Click HERE for a high resolution version

This is something a bit better. This is based on the same Looshkin character, but this one is really basically controlled with a PS3 controller. Hopefully I will get a better looking movie up later on

Click HERE for a high resolution version

Again, these are just tests I am working with, Hopefully my end project will work a lot better!

EDIT: Ive also made a rotating Looshkin head in Maya and AE, thought I would put it on this post too.

Click HERE for a high resolution version

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