Monday, 22 March 2010

NEWS! Headline: Paranormal Activity Out Today!

• Paranormal Activity is out TODAY! Go and get yourself a copy either on DVD or Blu-Ray and see Me and Ollie starring in the greatest B movie ever made; Killer Flies from Mexico! Our biggest claim to fame so far! If anyone gets a copy of it let me know! and let me know what you thought of Killer Flies!

• I've submited my entree for D&AD, unfortunately I can't post it on YouTube or anything after reading the terms and conditions. Shame! Screenshots are okay though. So take a browse through earlier posts to take a look at how its been developing. Hopefully it will be on the D&AD website for you to take a look at later on. So I'll keep you posted on that.

• Today, just had a talk from Shane Walters from OneDotZero at university today! OneDotZero have put on some amazing shows since they started in 1996, and they are real pioneers in moving image. After the initial lecture Shane then came upstairs to the 4th floor and sat and chatted with us about his work. He also got an invite to our next MGA show. Which I hope he turns up to! Would be mint if we got someone from the industry giving his opinion on our work.

• Had a really productive weekend with Ollie filming the last little parts of Hewitt and Walker. We got some brilliant effects shots made. We are really not experts in the field of visual effects, up until now we have made all our gore and effects in camera, so for two people who don't know where to start, we did a brilliant job putting it all together. Also with Hewitt and Walker, I am getting some T-Shirts printed today with Death Chair for Leeds Zombie Film Festival. Should come out nicely!

• Finally! I showed Jamie Smart the various Looshkin tests via Facebook, and its safe to say that he really liked what I have come up with! More Looshkin tests coming soon the more I play with Touch Designer. Its a great character to play with and its been great getting to know it.

Newscast is over, coming up next, weather!...

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