Sunday, 7 March 2010

Some final thoughts on the DVD cover...

As with most designers I know, the more you stare at your work, no matter how much you loved it last week, it somehow doesn't measure up now. Your design might be brilliant in the eyes of everyone else, but to you, it will never be finished. And thats the dilemma with Hewitt and Walker. Part of me doesn't want it all to be over! Im simply having too much fun making all the artwork and motion graphics to go with it.

Looking again at the DVD case prototype, once it is opened up you get THIS poster on the inside. But now, looking at it, it doesn't seem to match the aesthetic as the rest of the THIS DVD case.

So after playing with some textures and with my new Hewitt and Walker poster, I came up with THIS...

...I was thinking about the Cinema once it had burned down, and how someone now might stumble across it and find the reamins of some old posters from the 70's. Although as nice as the textures are, it doesn't have the same sort of punch that the first one I created had. Probably needs an explosion or two. What would make a great poster would be that poster actually pasted up somewhere and torn a bit like it has been there a while. Might do some experimental print work sometime soon when I get to the printers on Monday.

Again, let me know what you think! Cos my opinions on my own work are useless.


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