Sunday, 7 March 2010

Hewitt And Walker Posters

Hello. Had a weekend of getting the DVD menu's done for the film. As my After Effects has quite a few compositions to render Its going to take at least overnight to get it all rendered out. So i have to make sure its perfect before it goes out.

Also Ive been finalising all the posters, going through them all for spelling corrections, ironing out the textures and typography. Ive also put together one final poster to encompass the whole film! Might even give this one away with the "elite edition" DVD

Ive been watching quite a few films recently, and one thing that always baffles me about DVD's, and Blu Rays even more so, is their DVD menus. This is a major touchpoint of a film, and something that always gets left out of the design process and often gets ignored. Either that or the artwork wasn't made by the same graphics people but at at the production company for little money.

When you open your DVD, from holding the packaging in your hands, to the disk, to the DVD menus, all these are points that someone takes in when watching a film. Anyone can notice that a film looks cheap when it comes in a regular black DVD case with a silver disk in. And being a designer I would think that film makers would take that into consideration when producing a film.

Especially with the decline in people buying films, opting to download them for free instead, DVD and Blu Ray manufacturers should be looking into new and creative ways to get people back into buying DVD's again. People arn't fooled by just whacking "Special Collectors Edition" on the cover of a regular DVD box. Something that has some real design, thoughtfully laid out, something that someone would treasure.

That is what I've always felt while making Hewitt and Walker, from a design point of view. Thousands of people make films and send them away to production companies, always just their film on a blank DVD from tesco in a regular DVD box. And it gets ignored, because producion companies get thousands more each year. If I can make our film stand out from everyone else's with just design, that would be fantastic. To give the illusion that its more than just 5 people, would make it all the more impressive when they know its just us.

Hopefully anyway!


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