Monday, 1 March 2010

Johnny Burdock

Just thought I would upload some screen shots of my opening for Johnny Burdock and the Strange Incident of the Lights in the Sky. The whole 30's feel is starting to look pretty sorted. Need to work on the 3D models of the UFO's, didn't think that anyone would see them up close.

Just a tester for the opening so far. Got a long way to go. Was feeling really inspired from the weekends film making and cracked on with corrections on the posters and also writing a first draft for Johnny Burdock. Really looking forward to getting started on this one. Especially for the epic UFO fight scene at the end :D

Back to Hewitt and Walker, Got all the posters finished and the DVD case all re-sized and ready to print. Just the film to finish now! Best get cracking!


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