Thursday, 18 March 2010

Submission Day! (Nearly)

Wow. Been such a hectic past couple of days. Squeezed every minute of the day out on getting this D&AD animation finished. Right now I've got all the compositions to a stage of completion. I just need to sit and colour correct, add elements to each composition, do some promo stuff and boards. And then look back at the brief and hope its an online submission.

So while I've got a spare moment, I thought I would share some new screenshots of what I have made today! The final animation should be finished and uploaded by tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully with some decent sound on. Almost all my animations so far lack any sound at all, I prefer to concentrate on visuals then worry about sound later. With the VJ-ing project coming up my mind might be changed. Anywho. Screenshots!

Will post the video up as soon as its done. Then hopefully it will get something from D&AD. Will keep you posted.

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