Monday, 1 March 2010

Making Of Hewitt & Walker

Spent a weekend down in Yorkshire filming some final bits for Hewitt and Walker. Odd to think that we don't have to film any more! Maybe some additional Foley and sound effects later on. But the rest is up to me and graphics!
Another thing we are finishing up making is the Making Of Hewitt and Walker. Ever since me and Ollie started making films we often just keep the camera on or set up another small camera just to take in all the out takes and to capture all the little moments. Often we forget that it is there. Since beginning Hewitt and Walker, when Ollie is either done editing or getting a little stressed with the edit, he will open up the Making Of and have a bit of fun editing that. Part of me thinks that the making of Hewitt and Walker will only be funny for us. But we always love seeing how films are made. The first thing I usually do when getting a DVD is watch the bonus features. Hopefully we should have the DVD packed with extras.

Our making of has the same theme as the film, that 70's Grindhouse look. Just to tie it in with the feature. Ill probably add in loads of production stills, galleries, art and all the posters in glorious high res.

So far the DVD is coming together really nicely. Ive got all the design work finished for the DVD cover and the cards, I just need to finish some motion graphics for the opening! Then all we have to do is get printing! Our deadline is the end of March. So not long! Wish me luck!

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