Saturday, 13 March 2010

Killer Flies Update!

Got a email from Ollie today, block capitals, that gave me a link to a review on of the Paranormal Activity Prepare To Be Scared competition! Here is what they had to say about the competition, and Killer Flies in particular...

"Two of the finalists, however, do deserve some credit; Ollie Bostock and Johnny Eveson's Killer Flies From Mexico, a funny, well-filmed Grindhouse homage, and Andy Macpherson's Pigment Of Imagination, a beautiful animation that shows more flair and imagination than Paranormal Activity and Heebie Jeebies put together"

... which is probably the best review we have got so far! Thanks to Pete Stanton at Read the full review HERE

We are gathering together a nice collection of reviews for Hewitt and Walker already, and it's yet to be released! If you remember we had Adam Buxton comment on our film back in November, he said...

"The DVD, was beautifully put together and highly enjoyable... Keep on keeping on!! and give us a part when you are famous"

...only a short one, but we really appreciate that he got back in touch with us after sending him an advanced copy.

Hopefully once the DVD is finished, shot, cut and printed, we will get some response back. And any reviews we get we will be sure to let you know about them.

Remember to get yourself a copy of Paranormal Activity, if not for the fright of your life, but to see Mike as a Scientist, Ben as a Mariachi, Ollie covered in Goo and Me kicking the shit out of a Killer Fly. With an axe!

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