Thursday, 11 February 2010

Some Gangster Screenshots

Just got back from watching Sherlock Holmes, a bit delayed in watching this one, but nonetheless I thought it was really well thought out, brilliantly framed and paced and the visual style was spot on. The crowning moment being the closing credits; these where handled with such brilliance and looked so good! As soon as it finished I wanted to get home and try out something in that style. Maybe for our next film...

...anyway onto current film making. As promised here are some screenshots from the Hewitt and Walker History of Cinema Gangster flick. We are very impressed with how these turned out and think that its some of our best work yet. We can't wait to show you the film in its entirety!

Kudos to Ollie for putting these shots together so quickly and getting the editing started soon! Better kick start the graphics to keep up!


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