Saturday, 6 February 2010

A DeviantArt Revamp, Filming Re-Hash

Just got in from a days film making with Ollie. We filmed some really short Grindhouse trailers for the Directors Cut of Hewitt & Walker. We came out of my garage studio with some amazing looking shots. We ended up imressing ourselves and really outdid ourselves with this one. Its part of a short gangster film as part of the Hewitt and Walker History of Cinema. There. Thats all I'm saying. I look forward to seeing how it all edits together! But if you want to see it in full, you will have to request a DVD. To reserve your copy, again, please get in touch and I will put you on the list for when we finish it!

Also on another note, I decided to get back into DeviantArt! I opened a DA account when I was in college back in 2005, and I only really uploaded 4 things. But already I have thrown a load of my sketchbook work on there from Berlin and some more poster work. If you have an account go and say hi! Link here. But here is a couple of pages from my sketchbook to take a look at.


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