Friday, 5 February 2010

Another Filming Weekend-A-Thon!

This weekend I get to spend some good times filming in my mums garage with Sir Ollie Bostock of Moorlands Films again. We tend to do this once every now and then; get together and spend a day filming and getting only half of the stuff that we had planned done due to everything being so very very funny all the time!

In preparation of a days filming I have been spending the past week getting some sample graphics together and some sample CGI shots. So I thought i would share one of the UFO tests I spent this evening making!

As you can see I have tried to emulate the 1930's look with the shots, held together with thin wires and embedded with some shadows. The shadows being to bad lighting if we are going for the whole Ed Wood style of film making.

Im sure this weekends film making will be an absolute blast as it usually is. And I'll give you a summary of what went down when I get back to the 'Toon.

See you then!


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