Thursday, 18 February 2010

DVD Cover Design, and City Lights! (You know, city lights!)

So I have sort of calmed down a bit after finding out that Killer Flies will be on the Paranormal Activity DVD. And its kicked me and Ollie up the arse to motor on and get all the design finished for the DVD. Im in the process of scaling down some of the posters to square for the "limited edition art cards", but the DVD Poster/Case is all done! So I thought I would upload just the cover to give you a peak at what you could get your hands on, if you ask really really nicely...

...I went for that Zombie Nazi Hunters look. Really basic colours that stand out, and make it look all screen printed. I think the red and black really encompass the feel of Grindhouse and Hewitt and Walker.

On another note, I was in a lecture today and challenged myself to a speed poster design during my tutors talk. So I did one for my good friend David Neal (of City Lights)

City Lights was a short film where David Neal predicted the future, Ross Kemp Style! Check out his YouTube Channel HERE


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