Thursday, 11 February 2010

Pixarpedia Competition Update

I've been checking back on the Pixarpedia Competition's YouTube channel every now and then. And I checked back today to find the community in uproar about the shortlist of animations chosen to be sent to Pixar. People have noticed that two animations are by the same person, there are 12 shortlists, not 10, there is a corporate logo in one in particular and some do not match the length.

A few of the people, (including me) have emailed both Pixar and DK's marketing department to see if they actually watched the animations, and what they where thinking sending an animation of a Poo to the top animation company in the world.

Again, here is the Pixarpedia YouTube Channel and here is the shortlist.

Oh and here is mine again :)

I If you have any opinions on the matter please feel free to email DK's marketing department at:


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

bummer farmers??? are there any Ho's in it.?

and alcohol is spelt with an O

who taught you?