Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Few Days With Ollie

Ollie came to Newcastle for the past few days. We got some good "Making Of" footage and got a lot of stuff finalized. We took my posters and the DVD cases to the printers and got that all finished up. Am really happy with how they have turned out. Though we should get some more pics on Saturday for the posters. We pretty much have the intro all planned out. I just need to motor through the graphics in the next couple of weeks. Might end up looking like this. Minus the Death Chair logo.

Please click HERE to see the video in High Definition

Also on the night, after watching some District 9, we came up with a final battle scene for Johnny Burdock. So I came up with a quick VFX shot of the "Mothership" and Johnny Burdocks ship flying away. Really looking forward to getting this shot animated and cut together. Its going to be so much fun. Im thinking of it as a more "War of the Wasps" sort of thing. Anyways, here is a screenshot!

We also got chance to mess around in the sound studio at uni and get some good trailer voices. Unfortunately i dont know how to use Ableton and we lost quite a bit. Nevermind.

Overall its been a mint few days. Had loads of fun and we are really on the home straight to getting Hewitt and Walker finished!



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