Saturday, 29 August 2009

About Video Copilot

For those of you who don't know, the first website anyone ever is directed to for After Effects advice is Its the number 1 place to find the best, most down to earth After Effects tutorials on the web. (did i just call it the "web"? how 1998 of me)

Ontop of that Andrew Kraemer and his team offer products to buy:
Riot Gear: A package containing things such as blood splatters, paint drips and some textures
Action Essentials: Explosions, Fire, Smashed Glass, Smoke etc...
Evolution: A package containing floral flourishes, growing vines etc..

Now these are brilliant packages. I don't doubt their brilliance for a second. And once you get them you just start to wonder the possibilities once you get them! you can finally create the graphics you have always wanted!!

Then you flick through YouTube, and all the motion graphics that people have posted. Their "Original" designs, all of which include elements that you immediately recognise from these packages you have bought. Not only that but you see the tutorial videos that you have just watched being made by people claiming its their own design.

This infuriates me sometimes. YouTube is flooded with the same videos that people have made claiming originality to something that is copied. And it makes me think what Andrew Kraemer would think. Has he created a package of elements that people can use freely as they want? or has he spawned a generation of Motion Graphic Artists whose work all looks the same?

In a way it has made it easier to spot some original design. And if you are serious about your design work, either modify the elements you have just bought, use them among a bigger piece, just don't use them as a focal point, or just because they look cool. Better yet, don't use them at all professionally.

My ego rant is over. Ill get back to using my Riot Gear :P

- Jonny

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