Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Issues With Monsters

Okay, to celebrate the release of Monsters Inc on Blu Ray (which i whole heartedly recommend buying if you own a Blu Ray player and wondering why you shelled out money for it) I have thrown together a list of issues i have with this film.

Don't get me wrong, its a brilliant film, being Pixar its head and shoulders above any other animated films for its demographic, but i feel that Pete Doctor needed to iron out some problems with the Monsters Inc Universe.

Problem 1: Monstropolis
In an alternate universe that have monsters in that are all in some way scary to children, then you would more than likely have everyone working at Monsters Inc, as a sort of community service, like jury duty! I think its rather selfish of some monsters to want to own a coffee shop or sell fruit during a scare shortage! I mean by all means keep on the good scarers, but i think it should be compulsory for monsters to be part of Monsters Inc.

Problem 2: Monsters Incorperated
Monstropolis is on a scare shortage, its mentioned this from the start. But with the vast amount of space they have in the lobby and storing doors you would think they could afford more than one scare floor with roughly 10 doors on it! If there is more scare floors they certainly arnt shown in the film. For a company that is threatened by going under you think they would afford the space for more doors. Made more clear by the CDA shutting the floor down for an hour, other floors would just be able to keep running.

Problem 3: Scare Shortage
Monstropolis is run by scare, and they get there scare from Monsters Inc, but what happens when they shut down Monsters Inc? There would be NO scare for anyone to use! surely a scare station producing a little bit of scare is better than having none at all? I mean is there any other alternative to using scare? like solar or wind power? Or do they have some sort of backup plan for when the company goes under? Who knows. Maybe there are other branches of Monsters Inc. in other parts of Monstropolis, or maybe this one just powers this city in this questionably sized universe.

Problem 4: Scary Kids Scaring Monsters
Waternoose knows that children cannot harm monsters at all, so why build up the big conspiracy that kids are deadly lethal? Maybe to prevent them from getting close to their kids (a-la Sully and Boo) but this is part of their job! its what they get paid (i assume they get paid) to do! If a monster is too compassionate for a child then he shouldn't be working at Monsters Inc but at a adolescent monster centre for reformed scarers. You would think that monsters would be more confident scaring kids (and therefore get more scream) if they know they arn't harmful. You would get less pillocks falling on some Jacks and making the kid immune to monsters and loosing doors.

Problem 5: Laughter
Research seems to be the problem here with Monsters Inc. Science Division. You get some bad scarers who fall on their ass and might accidently make a kid laugh and it fills the container. The R&D at Monsters Inc. might moniter some doors and see what is more effective, or whether a girls scream is more powerful than a boys scream, or the average age of door termination. There just seems to be a lack of recent development in how scaring is done, and it seems to be a formula handed down from generation to generation without question.

Problem 6: Monster Pro-Creation
Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, and i imagine for mating monsters it would be like mating two different breeds of dog, but it must be hard for Ted the giant chicken bird, for him to meet up with someone would be difficult, especially seeing as though he can't speak a word of English. But after years and years of pro creation they would all start to look either inbred or all the same. Or have the same monsters been around forever and just don't age? 

Problem 7: The Monsters Universe
Closets have been around as long as we have had houses, and now we have closets monsters can get their scream and abuse our kids to power their hybrid cars with knarling teeth. But what did monsters do before then? did they even exist? did they live in a great depression where monsters had no power? like humans before fire? If so they have come a hell of a long way (and very similar to our universe) in such a short space of time.

All of these posts are all made null and void by the ultimate line: "Its just a cartoon!" But Pixar has prided itself on making a believable universe for their characters to inhabit. John Lasseter says this is one of the main goals of the company. Don't get me wrong, i still love the film, there are just some deep flaws in the universe that stunts my acceptance of this alternate world of monsters.

Don't get me started on Cars....

-Jonny @ Ameba Graphics

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