Monday, 24 August 2009

Wordard Strikes Again

Wordart reared its ugly head again recently, and while i was trying to enjoy my dinner no less :(

There is a small cafe where i live, and its kitted out like an old school 50's American Diner, it looks brilliant, the neon signs, the chrome, even the milkshakes are on the money, pictures of Monroe and James Dean too. They went all out with the architecture and interior design.

Unfortunately they stopped as soon as it came to the design. The menu's where hand laminated A4 photocopied paper and the posters offering drink offers where done with my best friend Wordart.

Now I am not one to usually go off on one about this sorts of thing, it can sound like a petty argument and something that is so trivial, but when a cafe has had so much time spent on making the decor look reminiscent of the time period, it seems daft to leave out a major customer touch point, ie flyers, menu's posters. Not only that, but there is a Printer's right across the road.

So instead of getting lost in this 1950's American utopian universe that it tries to do, you are reminded of how the world isn't right, not when Wordart still exists. Even someone who has no design knowledge looks at them and associates them with a computer, something far to advanced for the world the Diner tried to create, and therefore snaps you out of what could have been a brilliant dining experience.

Or again, this might just be my over conscious design head getting the better of me.


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