Monday, 21 September 2009


...are the loveliest pieces of technology available.

If you have a 3Gs.

I however have an iPhone Prime, the first one made, and i still use it now! although right now there are some major fails it coughs up now and then, laughable, but oh so irritating.

Fails include:
• Thinking its got an attachment that predates the iPhone wanting it to go to Airplane mode. (edit, the airplane mode only lasts a few minutes anyway)
• The battery life, which lasts around 3 hours, half an hour if I am playing Doodlejump.
• The nice big crack through the screen, which could be classed as my fault for dropping it out the car.
• The compartment to get to the battery has become loose
• It will only find a WiFi for about a minute before giving up and trying out Edge again, then turning the Wifi off completely.
• It drops calls. Phone conversations only last 20 minutes max.
• I can't delete Notes i make, it resets the springboard every time.
• It doesn't load photo's that predates the 3.0 firmware update
• Only 1 out of 10 phone calls ever get through. It lets me know that someone has called a few days later.
• I didn't even know the iPhone loaded the springboard in safe mode!! I've seen it 4 times in the past month.
• Text messages can only arrive if I ring out from my phone, and even then they don't even arrive in the right order.
and now...
• It won't turn off. This might attribute to the attachment it thinks it has.

I do love my iPhone, loads. But me (and everyone else who tries to contact me via it) thinks its time for an upgrade.

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Ollie said...

Perhaps that day of days has come. the day all techies struggle with. That day you decide to by a new gadget, or in this case phone....

You stand in O2 looking at it. You are sure this will be the gadget, this will be the piece of technology that changes your life. This will make your life better. it will open doors to a new world of fun and appointments.

But then when you buy it and you walk out of the shop, you still cant help but think "do i really need this? has my life become better for paying £400?"

I guess what i'm trying to say is...... Maybe you need to buy a new iphone.