Thursday, 17 June 2010

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My Poster Blog has been growing in popularity over the last month or so, riding mostly on the crest of the Lost Finale, I had every Lost related Tumblr re-blogging my 3 Lost posters. So thanks everyone who "liked" it and re-blogged them. Hopefully I will be uploading more soon!
Also on the note of posters, I have made some rather swish looking Oddworld Posters! I have so far made one for Abe's Oddysee and one for Abes Exoddus and another Soulstorm Brewery one, shown below. I happened to also post them on the Oddworld Forum, see what the Oddworld community had to say about them HERE.

Short Films!

After shooting Hunter with Ollie this weekend we are more than on track getting Hewitt and Walker finished. But on another note, after doing a quick search online for our films, one inperticular, called First Date, was featured on some persons blog! check out First Date on there if you haven't seen it already, and see his other collection of pictures, films and poems HERE

The Pixar Talk Says Hello!

Recently me and Ollie went to a Car Boot sale. Upon browsing some of the stalls I found an original Fisher Price Chatter Telephone, as featured in Toy Story 3.What made the photo brilliant was the couple in the background, looking at disbelief at what I was buying.

After Tweeting it to several Pixar Blogs I got a reply from @PixarTalk saying:

PixarTalk @ameba2k that is an awesome photo!
1:23 AM Jun 11th via Twitter


More News as it developes!

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