Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hunter! Filming a Grindhouse Trailer

We are (again) wrapped up filming Hewitt and Walker. And given ourselves a deadline of the end of the month to get it all finished. I can't wait to get it out there and get people watching it! I really hope everyone likes it!

Yesterday me and Ollie filmed our last grindhouse trailer, called Hunter. A story of two Vietnam prisoners of war who escape their captors. Only to find something more horrifying than they could have imagined waiting for them in the jungle...

This was our first proper film shot on Ollies brand new camera. And we were very excited to be shooting in full 1080p HD! We got some shots that would never have been possible on Ollies old camera, and the quality is just amazing! Here are some screenshots taken from some of the footage gone through so far, click to see in High Resolution...

Also feel free to go and check out Ollies Blog for more beautiful high res screenshots, his thoughts on the film and other projects he is working on! His website is here too.

Was a brilliant day filming, the weather held out and hopefully it looks more like Vietnam than a chicken shed in Yorkshire.


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