Tuesday, 13 April 2010

More Ameba News!

• Have totally finished all filming Hewitt and Walker and I'm putting together the last of the effects over the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately I don't think we will have it all done to our standard for Leeds Zombie Film Festival this year, but don't worry! We still have a load of freebies to give away to do with the film on that day! We look forward to seeing everyone again this year.

• Had some great feedback from people regarding Killer Flies From Mexico, our short film on the DVD extras on Paranormal Activity. If you haven't seen it yet and you do own Paranormal Activity, sift through the Extras and find our short film. We would love to hear what you think!

• I am now part of the "Featured Club" on Fiverr! The top 4 results on the home page are on a rotation, and if you refresh it enough times you get this...

...which is lovely! You can find my profile on Fiverr HERE and check out my entire list of Gigs.

• This summer I have got into Vancouver Film Schools Intensive Week Program. Its basically a week of intensive animating and special effects. I have no idea what I'm going to learn there, but a week of hardcore animating in Vancouver should be amazing! Ill be sure to post pictures and videos up here when I get back.

• Uni work is coming along great too. Im just putting together some final tests in After Effects of what my work might look like. Screenshots and test video below. This is for my 30 second TV advert on recycling as part of my Character Animation Module. Im getting that out the way first then concentrate on my Interactive Animation. Only a few weeks to go! Remember you can catch up on what I am up to at uni by looking at my blogs for Interactive Animation and Character Animation.

Click HERE To see the video in High Definition

Thats all for my News so far! Hopefully I will be back to doing regular blogs instead of news updates every month!


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