Saturday, 24 April 2010

NEWS at Noon

Sort of a Headline Updates post really.

• D&AD Student Awards is being judged as we speak! According to the D&AD Twitter they have finished judging the professional entrees and are moving onto the student awards now. They sent out emails to us all (3 of us on Motion Graphics) saying that we should hear back from them around early May. So look out for a post then to see how Sam, DavidNeal and I did!

• My Fiverr page has been getting a LOT of traffic! Im amazed how many people have ordered something. I have been featured on their home page for about a week now and getting a lot of brilliant feedback from the work. Shame this surge has come in around the time of University deadlines, so a couple of them might get them a little late, but hopefully the posters will be good enough that they forget that :D

• University work is coming on nicely! Our hand in for my Recycling Animation is Monday, so a busy weekend ahead cracking on with getting the final scenes done. So to end with here is a very topical volcano from my animation...


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