Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tuesday Night: MGA at the Tyneside Cinema!

The Tuesday just gone was the MGA Interactive Animation and VJ Night at the Tyneside Cinema!

For all those who didn't come along, it was a great night! Took pretty much all day setting up, hopping from the cinema, to Uni, then back home etc. But after all that it was a good night showcasing some of our work. Unfortunately the bar we hired out closed at 11, something we didn't know in advance, so some people didn't get to show their work. Hopefully I will get a video soon of everyones work that went into the night.

My work was down in the bottom corner along with a couple of other peoples, projected on the table. It went down amazingly! Everyone loved playing with my amoebas and had loads of fun. Even if it did have limited capabilities and a few glitches. But nothing that anyone was too worried about. Im working on a video showing how I made it later today. Im looking forward to the next night now! And I love playing with Touch Designer.

Also my mum paid a visit too. She drove a 200 mile round trip to come and see my work. And chat to my Tutors, which I think she was looking forward to the most.

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