Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Look mum i made stuff!
These are quick text based posters, that you can buy for 5 quid each for A3 size, (bit more for bigger) from www.myspace.com/amebagraphics. plus all that postage
Take a look, steal the idea, remake it in wordart and print it on your laserjet. show me the results.
If you want a poster selling here, send us your designs in! you decide the price and you get to keep 80% of the profit made. what you got to loose? they have got to look better than these right?

What, you think im making bad posters to inspire you? make you think you can do better? you sunk my battleship.



Anonymous said...

i want the skins one on a1 by saturday please :D
can you make one bout johnny depp? unknown how like though. theres something for you to do :D

Anonymous said...

fuckin A man! might get dat skins one.
safe safe