Thursday, 24 April 2008

Getting Ready For This

As you may or may not know,  Ameba Graphics (Me) are (is) attending some sort of event. Our (my) good friends (friend) Moorlands Films (Ollie) will be showcasing some films, and we (I) will be presenting the poster art, and handing out postcards.

U know i think i might just give the formalities a rest until i actually employ someone.

Either way, Its on Saturday at 6 at Millers Yard, Gilligate, York. I will be giving out them Postcards i said about, upcoming film posters and you can even have a business card. My treat. They should (clients permitting) fly off the shelf like hot cakes. So get them there! All 3 of you blog followers.

I would show a preview, but you might steal it and print it yourself. Meanies.

Jonny x

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