Sunday, 20 May 2012

Posters and Posting

Finding any sort of time to do a lengthy blog post is difficult. Its decline seemed to happen the more I started posting on twitter. I got the feeling that if people really cared what was going on, they would be updated via a more instant form of social networking. Plus it doesn't help that my writing has taken a dip due to not having done it in a while. So I apologise if its just a mess.

First of all, I had a bit of a pricing overhaul on my store. When I started out I offered the posters at five pounds, then added postage on top. Then late last year, I decided, as an incentive to purchase, to offer free worldwide shipping on some of my newer products. As a result, I had some with free postage, and some without. To be honest it was a bit of a mess.
Then a couple of weeks ago, the price of sending a package abroad from the UK sky rocketed. I was offering free worldwide shipping still, so on some of the lower priced items, I was making a loss. And as much as I love making and sending posters, It's not a fantastic business model.
Now everything is a lot simpler. Every product on my store has free UK shipping, and its slightly extra to post overseas. Cool. Coolcoolcool.

Second, yesterday I uploaded a new poster design! As with every poster I upload, It came with on an overshadowing bad news day, which I have come to expect. I'm talking of course about Dan Harmon being replaced as the show runner of Community. Its an odd double edged sword, being renewed due to what I can only assume was fan pressure, only to abandon its creator and driving force. I'm not saying that Harmon is a creative deity, I just think it will take something spectacular to replace the feel of the show. Either way, you can guarantee that every fan will watch with scepticism at the fourth series.

Here's a KickPuncher poster, to lighten the mood :)

Took me a while to decide on a style for this one, but I had a lot of fun towards the end formatting the typography and choosing the colours. I had Robocop and Terminator posters as obvious references, and I tried to emulate some of the classically cheese graphic design from back then. This included garish blue's that print that weird purple colour, clashing reds, gradients, metal effects and... outer glow. It was a nice break putting myself in the shoes of an 80's graphic designer.

Excellent. I think thats enough talk for one post. Have a good Sunday!