Thursday, 4 November 2010

Nerdfighter Shirt Roundup!

I have been getting a lot of pictures either emailed or tweeted at me the past few days, so I thought I would share some of them, plus LOADS more that I found on the internet. Its very very odd seeing my design being worn by so many awesome people!

Remember if you have a pic of yourself wearing your Nerdfighter shirt and want your tile added to this photomontage, then email me or tweet @ameba2k with your pic!

Already my shirt is seeping into the Nerdfighter community, It can be seen worn by a girl who finds double rainbows so intense in Dan Browns LA Gathering Video, and then again in his San Francisco Gathering Vlog (Josh, who likes Jam and tea with bread), and quite a few people wearing it in a Five Awesome Girls video! Thanks to Ellen (@OhDumbledear) for that one.

The money raised from the shirts has been donated to the respective charities, thus the circle is complete :)

Any ideas for my next shirt design? :P


Including John Green wearing my shirt in Amsterdam! Plus a Pikachu hat, unfortunately I didn't make that :P Hi-res HERE


M3lf4c3 said...

Have you considered asking DFTBA records if they would like to do a printing of your design? I'm sure they would be interested, especially if you wanted to continue donating the proceeds to charity, and there's a lot of nerdfighters who missed out on teefury that would love it.

Anonymous said...

Please have a reprinting of this! (Through DFTBA records, as referenced by M3lf4c3, would be awesome!) :)