Friday, 26 November 2010

iPad Backgrounds!

I, like many other people, have recently got hold of an iPad! And as usual, my next logical thought was "what can I make for this??"

So, to match the Nerdfighteria iPhone wallpapers, I have done some matching iPad ones too! They work both in portrait and landscape. Just tap on the one you want, hold down your finger on the image, click "save image" and the in your settings, change your wallpaper! You can even have one colour as the lock screen, and another as the background. I spoil you don't I? :)


Also, if you want some Android supported backgrounds, leave a comment with your screen dimensions and I will get some made up for you :) Just that Android phones and devices don't have a standard background, thats all :)

New posters are going to be available soon too! So watch this space for christmas delivery times and such :D


Link this on twitter! Short URL:

HTC Wildfire:

HTC Desire


Sabine said...

That would be TOO good to be true, I have 240 x 320 on my HTC Wildfire, so if you've got some time left over... *puppyeyes* :D

ameba graphics said...
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@ialsotalktojohn said...

480x800 for the HTC Desire :)

Itsy Bitsy said...

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